What we're about

Life is about learning. For some subset of people, learning enterprise technology and management is an invaluable opportunity to extend their skill set. If you are of those (government, technical professions, finance, etc.), grab this opportunity.

This meetup group is created for:

• Individuals who want to further develop their employable skills and job marketable credentials through what we call educaship or a combination of education and hands-on internship.

• Organizations that would like to hire our fellows to develop tomorrow's technology at little-to-no cost!

We are also constantly evolving to meet the needs of our fellows and would like you to be a part of that development.

The WeDev Club is a brand name of the IT team of the Career Network Ministry (CNM), which serves 5,000+ people in career transitions in the Washington, DC metro area. The CNM offers everything from food and clothing to inspirations. See some CNM pictures (http://www.dol.gov/dol/media/photos/slideshows/20110920-jobclub.htm), which are posted at the U.S. Department of Labor's website, or the About CNM (http://vimeo.com/97855501) video. Our sister groups are also Global Business (http://www.meetup.com/globiz) and Global DC (http://www.meetup.com/GlobalDC/).

One more important feature. Please be prepared to be photographed if you attend our free events - we use photos (http://www.meetup.com/globalt/Photos) to attract new donors and keep current partners satisfied - please refrain from joining if you are not comfortable with that feature.

Special thanks to Bob Korzeniewski, Dr. Mallard Owen, and John JV Venable, as well as Bill Fournier, Cassey Missal, Charlotte McKenzie, Chris Putz, Chuck Taylor, Corey Sheldon, Daniel M. Gonzalez, Danny Abadi, Diane Snow Javaid, Guillermo Lopez, Dr. Jack Tsou, Jay Parrish, Dr. John Colleman III, Mack Sigman, Malkia Perry, Matthew Bailey, Mayumi Okada, Mercedes Butler, Michael Eicher, Roger Akins, Dr. Saiid Ganjalizadeh, Scott Hoag, Sean Lewczyk, and Vaclav Hnizda. Make yourself at home - welcome to our WeDev.Club Meetup!

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Enterprise Tech Bootcamp - volunteer, work, build credentials @ CNM Digital

The tech team of the Career Network Ministry is recruiting the folks to build its technology at http://careernetworkministry.org -- currently, it includes project management, document management, CRM management, HR/ATS, ERP, e-commerce, and accounting software -- more will be added when such a need emerges. All are welcome; if needed, training is provided. Several groups may be interested in skills-based volunteering. Particularly, we invite: • Accomplished professionals willing to share their knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, recommendations, network, and/or connections; • Career researchers willing to discover their options; • Job seeker willing to enhance their knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, recommendations, network, and/or connections; • Anyone just willing to contribute to a greater good. How it works When you arrive, you can expect at least one volunteer on the site. This volunteer would ask several questions in order to understand your needs. Then, you will be asked to apply and, if approved, will be matched with resources you need such as technology, career service providers, on-the-job training, mentors or protégés, etc. When it works • When you are open-minded and appreciate others' time. • When you do your homework. • When you are oriented on a result and this result can be our mutual success. • When you are willing to learn and perform in both structured and unstructured environments. • When lives of other people can get (even slightly!) better at the end of your day. • When you believe; and when you also believe "that here on earth God's work must truly be our own." When it doesn't work • When you are willing to take, but not to give. • When you don't do your homework -- particularly, when you don't read this description. • When to waste time -- yours or someone's -- is your objective. • When you cannot research, make decisions, accept responsibilities, and take risks. • When you cannot work under little-to-no supervision. • When your interests cannot be our team's interests. • When you don't feel like your skills can be improved. • When your vision for the world is so great that you want others to work on it. • When you believe that your education fully prepared you for your job. • When you don't ask questions. • When you say more than one word in response to a yes-or-no question. • When you expect that most things must be done before you join the team. • When you have many other options. Interested, but cannot attend? You are welcome to start remotely while following the instructions at http://educaship.org/wiki/How_to_become_a_WeDev_Club_associate

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