• Tech for Good: Exploring Neurodiversity

    AIB Bank

    Neurodiversity refers to variations in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood, and other mental functions. It can include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia and other variations which are often invisible to other people. Important work is happening in Ireland to understand different neurological experiences and overcome associated challenges. This event will include speakers who work in the field of Neurodiversity explaining more about the topic and how tools and technologies are being used to make public spaces, workplaces and schools more comfortable and accessible for everyone. There will be the usual chance to network, eat donuts and ask questions. We welcome everyone at our events, so please tell your family, friends and colleagues…. Professor Lizbeth Goodman - SMARTlab Founder and Director (Ireland, UK and International) Lizbeth Goodman is Professor of Inclusive Design and Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at UCD, where she directs SMARTlab and the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland. SMARTlab has at heart a ‘universal design’ concept. By designing for sections of society whose interests and needs are least served by off-the-shelf technologies – e.g. women, young people at risk and people with disabilities – SMART lab aim to create socially inclusive, sustainable projects and products of use to all. She and her SMARTlab team have developed numerous creative technology tools a to the challenges of teaching and learning in the 21st century, for learners of all ages and levels of ability. Lizbeth will speak via Skype and will demo Kinect to Scratch - which uses movement for computer coding for people with autism. Gearoid Kearney – CEO myAccessHub myAccessHub is an Irish Startup that is making it easier for companies to build Autism Inclusive Workplaces by using Video Animation and Virtual Reality to educate their employees. Gearoid is passionate about highlighting the value people with Autism can bring to the Workplace. After graduating with a Degree in Computer Science, Gearoid joined the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme and represented the company in Boston at the Bridge to MassChallenge Competition and in Holland at the ChangeMakerXchange Programme. In 2018 myAccessHub was named the Best Social/Sustainable Startup in Ireland www.myaccesshub.io/ Brendan Morrissey – Founder iDyslexic The Times newspaper describes Brendan Morrissey as a serial Entrepreneur. Brendan left school age 15 because of his Dyslexia & ADHD. Brendan now holds a diverse portfolio of tech investments and interests. He is founder of MobStar, Mishon, DataEgg, iDyslexic, StandUp Charity, NeuroMind, SafePal and partner at eSchools, ProTunes, Wonde, GDPR, Bare in the Woods Music & Arts Festival, QizApp & Rascal Reads. Over the past year his focus has shifted to social impact and assistive tech. He’s currently working on tech to assist children and adults living with Dyslexia and ADHD, Autism, Alzheimers, Suicide Prevention and the Homeless in partnership with Microsoft and Google. Brendan is the founder of www.idyslexic.com a new social app for those living and working with Dyslexia and ADHD. Hannah Bryson - CoderDojo Mentor and author of A Guide to making your Dojo more accessible Hannah Bryson is a computer science student at UCD, founder of the UCD disability and inclusion awareness society, CoderDojo volunteer and disability activist. Committed to building an equal society for the one billion people in the world with a disability, she is working on a number of initiatives with multiple organisations. As a child, Hannah was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia and as an adult, autism and ADHD. As a mentor and champion at CoderDojo, Hannah found her insight into invisible disability invaluable to share with parents and young people. She used this experience to spearhead the production of a global accessibility guide which will be launched in August and previewed at this event.

  • 3D for Good

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    Prior booking essential on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/3d-printing-for-good-tickets-61492513764 Focus: Since 3D printing technologies were developed in the 1980s, they have been promising to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. This revolution has not taken hold fully so far, but the application of 3d printing in "For Good" applications has produced some amazing solutions to global problems. From low cost medical devices, to cheaper consumer prototypes to amazing works of art, 3D printing has created new opportunities for people to produce the objects they need themselves. This event will focus on the work of The Rapid Foundation, a 3D printing social enterprise founded in 2014. The workshop will cover - an explanation of the 3D printing process and highlight great examples of 3D technology in the humanitarian, business and technological fields. There will also be an opportunity to explore collaboratively new potential applications for the technology. What's already been done and what else can be achieved via this technology? Format: The event will start with presentation followed by a Q&A, we'll then host a group ideation session exploring applications for 3D printing "For Good" both in Ireland and overseas. We'll also have offer our usual free tea/coffee and doughnuts and time to catch-up with old and new pals. Our Speakers: Colin Keogh Colin Keogh is an award winning and innovative Engineer, who is currently finishing a PhD in engineering in UCD focusing on improving innovation methodologies using disruptive technologies. He has expertise in Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection, 3D Printing and Innovation and significant experience in integrating advanced technologies into social, environmental, philanthropic and entrepreneurial activities. Colin is Co-Founder and CEO of The Rapid Foundation, a social enterprise which aims to empower people in developing regions around the world by giving them training, access and support with disruptive technologies – particularly 3D printing – and thereby inspiring and enabling them to innovate and create solutions to solve their problems and improve their quality of life. Its goal is to change the way developmental aid is distributed, and improve the innovation potential of all people, regardless of their circumstances. Colin is also an active technology consultant and technology developer, advising a number of companies and bodies, from small start-ups to government departments, in areas such as disruptive technologies, engineering practice, innovation, design and early stage growth & prototyping. He has won a number of awards for his work including the IMechE 2016 Fritz Schumacher award, JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young People, Nissan Generation Next Ambassador, IT & Tech Professional of the Year and was named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for Europe in Science and Healthcare. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colin-keogh/ Twitter: @colinj_keogh Mauricio Duque Mauro is a Mechanical Engineer from Colombia, who has recently relocated to Dublin. His work explores different methodologies to successfully achieve results through new technologies and modern ways to do things. He is a creative person with personal philosophy and passion for the DIY (Do It Yourself) method and Maker movement. He loves putting ideas into reality and creating products to solve problems. He has been freelance and a co-founder in a pet based IOT company. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mauricio-duque-45493343/ Twitter: @Maurici[masked]

  • Using Tech to Build Community

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    Focus: It's hard to believe that the first social network, MySpace, only launched in 2003! Since then we've seen tech's immense power to connect people and create communities (virtual and in real life). While there is no replacement for spending time with people in real life, technology can remove barriers of distance and facilitate contact between communities of 'interest'. Given recent debates about the danger of social networks like Facebook being too big and too monolithic, there is again an interest in the power and benefits of more niche, bespoke online communities underpinned by shared values. But what does success look like for a thriving online community and what are the challenges to overcome? Format: After presentations from our guest speakers we'll have time for an informal question and answer session and discussion. We'll also have our usual free tea/coffee and doughnuts and time to catch-up with old and new pals. Tickets: Please reserve your ticket on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/using-tech-to-build-community-tickets-60311420081 Our Speakers: Sharon Tighe As head of community strategy, Sharon co–ordinated the online journey of over 300,000 mothers registered with Ireland’s largest parenting community, everymum.ie (previously known as eumom). She places an emphasis on listening to and supporting parents and will share her tips for building a learning and engaged community. Website: www.everymum.ie/ Elva Carri Elva is one of the founders of Irish start-up GirlCrew - a platform for women to make new friends and have a 'crew' for real world socialising. Last year it raised almost $1 million (€810,000) in a seed funding round to fund expansion across the United States. The women-only social network has developed and launched their own online platform and IOS/Android apps to connect thousands of women in cities across the globe. Elva will share the story so far and some of the challenges and benefits of creating their own bespoke social network. Website: www.girlcrew.com.

  • Tech for Good: Next Generation

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    Tech for Good Dublin starts off 2019 with an event themed around young people and technology. It’s a big exciting topic, and we have found 3 great speakers to talk about their areas of expertise and projects having positive impact in Ireland and around the world today. Come along and find out about how tech is helping parents maximise on early years learning, how free coding clubs are making a difference to thousands of children worldwide, and learn about how teachers are using VR in the classroom to bring the curriculum alive. We will have the usual free drinks and snacks and time after the speakers for questions and networking with each other. We will also have some examples of the technology for you to try out, including SchoolVR headsets. Please book your ticket on EventBrite https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/tech-for-good-next-generation-tickets-54752642628 Our Speakers: Oisin Hurley is the Founder and CEO of TalkToMeMore, an app which aims to bridge the vocabulary gap in young children. 34% of children are now below the expected reading level when entering school. And this problem is only getting worse. We believe this needs to change. Research shows that language exposure in the first 3 years is at the cornerstone of predicting a child’s future social, emotional, and cognitive development. However if you can’t measure something how can you improve it? The Talk2MeMore app works like a 'fitbit for word' to measure the vocabulary used by parents as young children are in their critical years of language learning. It provides parents with the ability to track the language their child hears, plus daily tips & activities are provided to boost and encourage parent talk. Website: www.talk2memore.com Oisin Hurley LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oisin-hurley-17060b15/ Tara McGrath is the Community Coordinator Ireland at CoderDojo Foundation. CoderDojo is an education movement of free coding clubs in 113 countries all over the world. Our mission is to work to put the power of digital making into the hands of young people globally so that they are capable of understanding and shaping our increasingly digital world. To that end, we’ve built a global network of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. Anyone aged seven to seventeen can visit a Dojo where they can learn to code, build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment. Website: https://coderdojo.com/ Twitter @CoderDojo Mark Baldwin is CEO and Founder at SchooVR. His background in teaching led to the development of an educational platform that provides teachers and students with curriculum aligned virtual reality experiences. The mission at SchooVR is to ensure that every student feels empowered and engaged in their learning experience, regardless of their ability. SchooVR serves not to replace traditional textbook methods of teaching, but rather work in cooperation with these methods by providing a virtual platform that delivers the same high quality curriculum based content in a manner that is visually engaging and empowering for students. When students are able to engage and interact, learning not only becomes easier but also enjoyable. Website: www.schoovr.com Twitter @MrBaldwin88

  • Tackling Homelessness Together

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    Book your free ticket at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tech-for-good-tackling-homelessness-together-tickets-52938841500?aff=affiliate2 Focus: Tech for Good Dublin in December showcases tech responses to the homelessness crisis, in Dublin and beyond. There is so much potential to harness technology to help address the different aspects of homelessness. This is the start of the conversation about how we can tackle homelessness together. Format: The event includes guest presentations followed by an open discussion exploring how tech can make a positive impact. We plan to invite along people who have personal experience of homelessness. Free tea/coffee and festive treats available for everyone attending. Presentations: Giveback.ie James Gallagher and Victoria Ryan Nesbitt (Co-Founders), Cathal Curry (Operations Manager), Conor Greene (Marketing Lead) Giveback.ie is a Google Chrome extension that empowers consumers to tackle the homelessness crisis with the click of a mouse. Every time you make a purchase at a supported retailer, a percentage of your spend will be automatically donated at zero cost to you by the online retailer. The funds raised support the work of Inner City Helping Homeless. The Giveback.ie team also up-skill and empower individuals affected by homelessness. This program is evolving all this time and team plan to launch their second iteration of the six week program in the New Year. Links: www.GiveBack.ie Philip Crowe is the CEO and Co-founder (along with Aoife Corcoran) of Space Engagers which developed the Reusing Dublin project. Space Engagers harnesses the power of citizens to capture data and use information to co-create better outcomes for their communities. Reusing Dublin offers everyone the opportunity to help address Dublin’s housing crisis by gathering information on vacant and underused buildings onto one shared map. The project is co-ordinated by the Peter McVerry Trust and helps identify opportunities for bringing vacant and underused spaces back into use. Space Engagers received a ThinkTech Tech for Good award in 2016 from Social Innovation Fund Ireland and emerged from research carried out as part of the EU FP7 TURAS. Reusing Dublin was one of only 3 Irish projects recognised in November 2018, by the Financial Times in a list of Europe's top digital champions. Links: https://www.reusingdublin.ie/ www.spaceengagers.org Andrew Funk - The Homeless Entrepreneur. Andrew Funk is the founder of #HomelessEntrepreneur and has himself personal experience of homelessness. The association is based in Spain, the US and Pakistan and helps elimate urban homelessness by developing the skills and talent of those who find themselves without a home. #HomelessEntrepreneur believes "Technology can speed up the process of creating sustainable work and dignified housing for, and with, homeless people willing and able to tell their story and work to become active citizens again." They are currently using Blockchain technology to facilitate transparency in their work. Andrew holds monthly sleepouts to give homeless people an active voice i.e. Davos and recently at the Web Summit in Lisbon - where he met Mairin Murray (co-founder of Tech for Good Dublin). Links: https://www.homelessentrepreneur.org/

  • Your Code for Beating the Startup Blues

    Dublin City Council Civic Offices

    Places are limited. Please book your free ticket for event on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/your-code-for-beating-the-startup-blues-tickets-52160877589 Our workshop is hosted by Tech For Good Dublin as part of Startup Week Dublin. We're offering founders and developers practical steps to keep their body, mind and spirit in gear. Being involved with a startup is a rollercoaster. It can be an amazing experience – you’re on a steep learning curve and there’s the buzz of creating something you believe in. But as well as the highs there are the lows. You may be under lots of pressure, working from dawn to dusk without structure and feeling the pressure to be always ‘on’ social media. It’s easy to fall into habits that start impacting your own health and your startup. During this workshop you’ll be guided by expert wellness entrepreneurs who are on a mission to coach others on how to stay full of energy and focus. We are offering you a code to help beat the startup blues which involves Sleep + Meditation + Stretching! No prior experience or special clothes or equipment is needed. Just come as you are. Treasa Spragg (LinkedIn, Revolution Project) Treasa Spragg is a sleep guru who is on a mission to help startup founders and entrepreneurs face every day with boundless energy and with their minds fully in gear. How? By bringing it all back to the basics of great quality and great quantity sleep to power people through their days without energy slumps or a vat of coffee! You’ll learn what happens when you close your eyes at night, what night time rituals you can adopt, where your smartphone isn’t helping you, how your Netflix habit is killing your creativity and output the following day and where those cups of coffee fit into all this. Treasa co-founded Revolution Project Ltd three years ago, a wellness company aiming to “revolve” how people view their health and well-being. Colm Fallon (LinkedIn) Colm is founder of Project One Sky, a wellbeing startup for schools, and aims to bring meditation to as many people as possible using a secular approach. He will talk about the benefits of meditation and give a short demonstration. Paul focuses on the benefits of meditation not only for the individual, but as an antidote to the current set of crises we now face, using science to demystify ancient wisdom systems. Emilia Krysztofiak (LinkedIn) Emilia is a sought after photographer, who works with global tech companies, multiple agencies and entrepreneurs on their online brand’s identity. To help keep balance in her own life she studied and started teaching yoga and meditation. She will share practical yoga exercises that you can do sitting at your desk at work that address the damage caused by being scrunched over your laptop for long hours. She leads classes in Dublin for corporate groups and in a small yoga studio in IFSC. Our workshop is the perfect way to end Startup Week Dublin on a high!

  • Corporate Responsibility for Good

    AIB Grafton St

    Have you ever wondered how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) works in Ireland today and what big tech companies are doing? Are you interested in the role of community projects, or how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are changing the face of CSR? Tech for Good Dublin has gathered together experts in the field to share their own thoughts (good and bad), and their visions for the future of what CSR could potentially become. Join us on 1st November in AIB Grafton Street for this free event which promises to be both fun and fascinating. What you will get: Free tea and coffee and donuts on arrival. 3 very interesting short talks. A discussion on the topic of ‘What could Corporate Responsibility achieve in the future?’ Tech for Good Dublin badges for the first 3 questions asked. Opportunity to network at start and end of event. Member Announcements (at end)– if you have something to say, tell the room ! Our Speakers: We are delighted to welcome 3 speakers from contrasting backgrounds to this event and look forward to an interesting discussion following their talks. Our first speaker is Tomás Sercovich, the CEO of Business In the Community Ireland https://www.bitc.ie/ who are experts in Corporate Social Responsibility and coordinate Ireland’s Network for Responsible Business which comprises over 90 of Ireland’s well-known brands. Tomás will set the scene on what CSR is understood as today and showcase examples of how companies are supporting responsible and sustainable business involving tech. Our second speaker, Sinead Gibney, spent 5 years as the Head of Social Action at Google and has fascinating insight into what tech companies can do to help citizens and communities. She has a wealth of knowledge and interesting viewpoints - which may surprise some of our audience. Our last speaker is Niamh McKenna, Head of Impact at ChangeX https://www.changex.org/ie who engage companies to support community projects like Men’s Sheds and CoderDojo. Niamh will share her experience and talk about an ambitious goal recently announced by ChangeX to activate 20 million local community projects around the world, impacting one billion people by 2030. Find out more about our 3 Speakers on LinkedIn: Tomás Sercovich: CEO of Business in the Community Ireland https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom%C3%A1s-sercovich-176bb19/ Sinéad Gibney: Head of Social Action at Google 2009 - 2014 https://www.linkedin.com/in/gibney/ Niamh McKenna: Co-Founder and Head of Impact at ChangeX https://www.linkedin.com/in/niamh-mckenna-30664641/

  • Using Virtual Reality to Support Mental Health

    AIB Grafton St

    Please book your free ticket for event on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/tech-for-good-dublin-using-virtual-reality-to-support-mental-health-tickets-49640353634 Our Tech For Good September event explores the potential of immersive technologies, such as VR, to support mental health. There will be case studies of work in progress, a panel discussion to talk through some of the challenges and a chance to try out some examples. Format of event: Dr David Trainor, CEO and CTO of Sentireal shares progress on a software platform, funded by the NHS, to create and deliver personalised virtual reality (VR) content to address mental health issues that lead to depression, self-harm and suicide. He explains the design and production methodolgy for making personalised VR learning products and showcases other immersive products he's made and the ethical dimension to this work. Camille Donegan from Virtual Reality Ireland will showcase some products she has in development and demo along with Sabina Bonnici other immersive tech products that support mental health. There will be an informal discussion/panel to discuss the potential of technology, in particular VR to support mental wellness wih input from mental health advocates. There will also be a chance for Tech for Good attendees to try out VR examples on headsets. Information on Contributors Dr David Trainor Dr David Trainor is the CEO/CTO of Sentireal, a supplier of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training software platforms. Sentireal specialises in medical/healthcare training and self-management, creating unique 'personal immersive learning' experiences by generating VR/AR using proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology. David is an active participant in healthcare and training activities within the VR/AR Association industry group. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-trainor-46582b14/ Camille Donegan Camille is General Manager and Producer at Virtual Reality Ireland. She is currently working on creating and curating VR for healthcare apps in collaboraton with MISA, Mercer's Institute for Successful Ageing. She is an enthusiastic evangelist and speaker about for the use of VR and AR. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vrcamille/ Sabina Bonnici Sabina is an experienced Creative Producer, founder of Fizzy Thinking www.fizzythinking.com. She specialises in creating digital experiences and interactions, installations and events. Sabina along with Camille are previous contributors to Tech For Good Dublin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabinabonnici/

  • Tech for Good Connect - Workshop

    AIB Grafton St

    This session is a unique opportunity for you to help us shape how Tech for Good Dublin develops. We need your help to brainstorm how we can support Tech for Good beyond our events. We want to have a real impact and to find different ways to tap into the skills and enthusiasm of our members. Our working title for this new initiative is Tech for Good Connect and our vision it to enable valuable connections between Tech For Good members and live social impact tech projects, campaigns and products. Workshop Format: To start us off, we'll present case-studies on other organisations that connect techies to tech for good projects, products and campaigns such as time banking, techies in residence and volunteer matching. Next we will break into small groups and discuss different options and practical actions we can take to move things forward. Towards the end of the session we will share our ideas/solutions and record the next steps. Anyone who wishes to further volunteer their skills can offer at this point before we wrap up. No specific experience is needed but ideal if you've previously attended one of our events and have thoughts on how we can develop. Paper and pens will be provided and lots of post-its! Workshop Facilitators: Christine Nsubuga is an active member of Tech for Good Dublin. She's worked for a number of startups and currently is part of the business development team for Irish tech start-up, Pointy. She's responsible for interactions with businesses in Ireland, UK , Canada and the US. Her expertise covers marketing, relationship management and retail tech. Outside of the office Christina volunteers with several charity and social action organisations including Focus Ireland and is a big believer in giving time to do good. Linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-nsubuga-02055780/ Máirín Murray is one of the Co-founders of Tech For Good Dublin. She is the owner of her own Tech Ed agency Digital Doddle and is Chair of Refugees Welcome NI. She is an an experienced product manager who has produced platforms, apps, and products for clients in the media, education and health sectors. She is a certified UX designer, project manager and enjoys hosting organised events, workshops and festivals that foster learning and connections. Linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mairinmurray/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mairinmurray Christine and Mairin will be supported by Ellen Ward (Co-founder of Tech For Good Dublin) and Andy Sullivan (Tech For Good Engineer in Residence).

  • Robots and AI for Good

    AIB Grafton St

    How can Robots and Artificial Intelligence help humans to live happier, healthier lives, and what are the risks and ethical challenges to consider? We are happy to announce two amazing speakers for this session which promises to be super interesting. Come along to meet other Tech for Good members, learn from our experts and ask them your questions. Aphra Kerr from Maynooth University will share some results of a public survey on ethical and social issues related to AI as well as some work on the design of inclusive training and education initiatives to broaden diversity in the tech industry. Conor McGinn from Trinity College Dublin will explore some of the practical uses of robots and AI in helping older people live independently and show us how Ireland is leading research in this area. There will be time for questions and discussion after the speakers, as well as free tea/coffee and snacks. Dr. Aphra Kerr is Senior Lecturer in Sociology and chair of the MA in Sociology (Internet and Society) at Maynooth University in Ireland. Her current research interests include innovation and diversity in digital games; internet and media policy; the social impact of AI; data politics, data markets and inequality. She is author of Global Games: Production, Circulation and Policy in the Networked Era, Routledge, 2017, and associate editor of The International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society, Wiley-Blackwell, 2015. She is chair of the Communication Policy & Technology section of the International Association for Media and Communications Research (IAMCR). She has worked previously in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. Academic bio at https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/people/aphra-kerr Tweets @aphrak. Also on LinkedIn. Dr. Conor McGinn is an Assistant Professor and co-founder of the Robotics And Innovation Lab (RAIL) in Trinity College Dublin. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in robotics. Conor is passionate about robots and has particular interests in robot design, human-robot interaction and artificial intelligence. Dr. McGinn’s primary area of research concerns the design and control of service robots. He holds several patents related to the design of robots and his work has been recognised with numerous awards including the Civic Engagement Award (2018), Provost scholarship (2018) and external awards including the Engineers Ireland Technological Innovation of the Year (2015). He collaborates widely with industry and universities in Ireland, Europe, South and North America and Australia.