Full-stack development: from the frontend to the backend

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We are glad to announce the next Virtual Techitalia Tuscany Virtual Full-stack development: from the frontend to the backend on October 1th, Thursday, which will be streamed from 17.30 onwards!

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To be a full-stack developer in a world where technology grows quickly is harder and harder. For completing a project, each full-stack developer must dominate many fields. This event is an opportunity for collecting all the news on tech, from the backend to the frontend.


✔ 17.30 - 17.45 Daniele Fontani: All the shape of the modern developer
✔ 17.45 - 18.10 Håkan Silfvernagel: Why you should consider Web Assembly in your next frontend project
✔ 18.10 - 18.35 Michael Staib: Building real-time applications with Blazor and GraphQL
✔ 18.35 - 19.00 Maxim Salnikov: Azure cloud for the web frontend developers
✔ 19.00 - 19.30 Elad Shechter: How to Create Pure CSS Games

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