BDPA presents Cybersecurity Risk Management


Topic: Cybersecurity Risk Management: Planning for Security Vulnerabilities
Cybersecurity has become one of the most challenging issues of the day. The swift rise of new technologies and practices such as artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and the Internet of Things, has meant that many companies and industries are navigating new risks. Business and government leaders are on constant alert to protect an enterprise against cybersecurity attacks that can compromise systems, steal data and other valuable company information, and damage an enterprise’s reputation. As the volume and severity of cyber-attacks grow, the need for cybersecurity risk management grows with it. Join us as Reynolds Yirenkyi discusses today’s cybersecurity challenges and the role Risk Management plays in the Cybersecurity Strategy and mitigating risk exposure to cyber threats.
Reynolds Yirenkyi is Assistant Vice president, Cyber Risk manager at Fifth
Third Bank. In this position, he serves as a risk expert providing governance and oversight over IT and Cybersecurity. Prior to Fifth third bank, Reynolds was Assistant Vice President, Information Security & Risk Management at JP Morgan Chase.