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The Essentials of Angular
Are you new to Angular? Want to learn how to build your first Angular application using Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code? This seminar walks you through the process step-by-step. A simple product list page will be built starting with HTML and gradually adding more functionality until everything works in Angular. You will learn the basics of data binding, how to apply pipes to transform data, and working with classes.

About our speaker:
Paul has been in the IT industry over 34 years. In that time he has successfully assisted hundreds of companies architect software applications to solve their toughest business problems. Paul has been a teacher and mentor through various mediums such as video courses, blogs, articles and speaking engagements at user groups and conferences around the world. Paul has 25 courses in the library on topics ranging from JavaScript, Angular, MVC, WPF, XML, jQuery and Bootstrap. Contact Paul at [masked]


Come join us as we cover a variety of technology and soft skill talks led by speakers from all around the country. The technology deals with the hottest topics of the day including (but not limited to) .NET, SQL Server, mobile, HTML/JS, and much, much more! The meeting starts at 6:00 with the headliner, followed by pizza and pop (provided by our generous sponsors). Immediately after pizza, we re-convene for CINARC.


Come join this new special interest group as we discuss topics related to software architecture. This meeting is run after CINNUG using the open fishbowl technique where the attendees are encouraged to share their thoughts with everyone while keeping the meeting from becoming a free for all. :) What topic will we cover? Well, that's up to the attendees! If you have a strong opinion about a topic you'd like to suggest, or want to learn more about the topics then make sure you swing by the meeting. Find out more at [url=][/url].