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The focus of this meetup group to accelerate the pace of getting to know really cool tech people in town. Join now and get the insider invites to our get togethers. Some are impromptu and some are planned. Either way you'll never know if you don't sign up. Our events will generally focus on tech community networking, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and professional development.

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Hey, TechLife NEO. Johnny is doing an event. Feel free to visit his website event if you are interested. Also there is something going on this Saturday. Feel free to check with him about that:

I am reaching out to see if you or someone you know may have an interest to this upcoming event Data Days CLE, a 3 days free event that connects and talks about Data with Civic and Corporations. You can find out more at http://datadayscle.org

Also, for Saturday, we are looking for some people to help 'moderate' or start some talking sessions, if you are interested and think there is something that the social/health/nonprofit sectors be interested in using data/technology, please submit a session as well.

If you have any questions, ask Johnny: https://www.meetup.com/members/82271392/

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Hello, TechLife Meetupers! I started a new project Cryptocurrency World. As an entrepreneur, I believe cryptocurrency will play a huge role in the future. The more I dive into that World, the more I love it. There are quite a few crypto projects I believe in. Feel free to follow me on Youtube
where I mostly talk about first steps in Cryptocurrency World. If you are a newbie in this industry, you might find some of the videos helpful, if you are not a newbie, it might be too boring for you.

As always, do some research and if you like what you see, join my Bitcoin team here: https://cryptocurrencyworld.org/UsiTech

Enjoy your Cryptocurrency Journey in this Cryptocurrency World!

Ask me any questions! I will be happy to answer!

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