Session by Lalit Bhamare on exploratory testing



We talk about advancements in software testing every now and then but then why is that testers are still less important in most of the organizations? Who is responsible for not-so-positive perception have about testing that people still have today? And who can change it?

If it is ever going to change, it’s YOU who has to make this happen dear Tester. Come! Join me in this workshop, where Lalit is going to share the secret of becoming significant tester from less important one. About the Speaker: Lalitkumar Bhamare is currently working with a large investment bank as a Test Analyst. He is also the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of most popular software testing magazine Tea-time with Testers. Lalit’s particular specialties are his Testing Skills, Test Management, Teaching Testing and providing testing related consultation to project teams. Lalit regularly assists James Bach in his Rapid Testing Intensive Online trainings. Through is world famous magazine Tea-time with Testers, Lalit is active in his personal mission of improving the state of software testing by collaborating with leading authors, thought leaders and expert practitioners as well as by volunteering his time to help fellow testers.