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TechRight NIŠ
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What we're about:

1. Doing Technology Right in 2019

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Machine Learning. But how are these technologies really changing the IT world? How do they affect you? Whether you are a programmer, a business owner, or just a consumer of technology, what you must know and what skills you must have to survive and succeed?
Discover major trends, troubles, and opportunities in IT industry in 2019 and beyond.

Presenter: Bogdan Mitic/ President, Mticon Language talk: Serbian

2. Let's talk about DevOps

More than just CI/CD. With the right mindset and toolset stay always on top of your Cloud, while it's constantly transforming over time (bare metal, virtual, docker, k8s, micro services, serverless, edge). Practical tips on how to make sure that failure happens only once and your customer data stay safe, with the right procedures, monitoring and automation.

Presenter: Vladan Gunjic/ Senior Director Engineering, Mapp Digital Language talk: Serbian

3. From JSP to Angular - A journey through the UI tech stack at Mapp

Deep dive into frontend stack of Mapp Digital and how we constantly evolve and improve our Cloud. Practical tips on how to do modularization, libraries, code reuse and separation and regular updates. Both for monolithic application and many of our micro services.

Presenter: Michael Kraus, Software Architect, Mapp Digital Language talk: English

4. Should I learn Kotlin?

Patent battle: Google vs Oracle
Is Kotlin the right tool for Android and Backend programming?
Build up your opinion by knowing more on it.

Presenter: Aleksandar Marinkovic/ Team Lead Mobile, Miticon
& Nemanja Petrovic/ Backend Engineer, Miticon
Language talk: Serbian

5. Big Data, Scratch the surface

Overview of Big data concepts & technologies and practical use.
Comparison of traditional database driven application architecture and Distributed Systems, benefits and disadvantages, packed with experience we gained developing multiple large scale Big Data Projects.

Presenter: Mladen Antunovic/ Sr. Manager, Big Data Engineering, Mapp Digital
Language talk: Serbian