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TECHSPARKS aims to spark innovative new ideas by providing a social forum for entrepreneurial minds. Our events include networking, games, raffles and pitch opportunities to encourage interaction and collaboration. TechSparks is an Innovate Pasadena program and TechSparks events are made possible thanks to our friends at Cross Campus (http://www.crosscamp.us/locations/pasadena/), Barney's Beanery, and SignworksUSA.

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Global Pitchfest & Special Presentation: "Eat, Pray, Startup"

Tickets available for purchase at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techsparks-global-pitchfest-special-presentation-eat-pray-startup-tickets-59344108827 This event is sponsored by TRIBE THEORY, a startup hostel for entrepreneurs and digital nomads, and CROSS CAMPUS, LA's most engaged coworking and shared office community. Check your emails and social media for promo codes from our sponsors to attend this event for FREE. AGENDA 6:00-6:45 - Registration and Networking* 6:45-7:15 - Special Presentation by Jennifer Chang: "Eat, Pray, Startup: One Entrepreneur’s Search For Creativity and Innovation Around the World" (see more below) 7:15-8:15 - Global Pitchfest: 4 early stage startups from around the world present (by invitation only) 8:15-9:00 - Networking* *Complementary food and drink provided by TRIBE THEORY! SPECIAL PRESENTATION Eat, Pray, Startup: One Entrepreneur’s Search For Creativity and Innovation Around the World Entrepreneurship is about creativity and innovation. Yet living and working in one location often leads to an echo chamber that limit our creativity. TechSparks founder Jennifer Chang decided to break out of the Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach echo chamber and take six months to travel literally around the world. Her trip took her across 5 continents, 20 countries, 35 flights, and 45,000 miles. Throughout her journey, she met with entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists, using a shared interest in startups as a way to connect with local people, places, and cultures. In this special presentation, Jennifer will share highlights from her journey, including the unique organizations and companies she came across as she travelled the globe, looking for entrepreneurial soulmates. About Jennifer Chang Jennifer Chang is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, occasional digital nomad, and world traveler. Jennifer joined her first startup in 2008, and over the past decade, has been involved in over 20 startups as cofounder, executive, advisor and consultant. She's worn many hats over the years and applies her background in finance and marketing to help startups craft compelling stories to attract customers, investors, and employees. Some of the local companies Jennifer has been involved with include FanBread, Perfect Market (Idealab), Digital Media Management, mPulse Mobile, and CreatorUp. She has also held roles at Disney, KPMG, and Apple. Jennifer got an MBA from USC Marshall and is a proud second-generation Trojan. ABOUT OUR SPONSORS Tribe Theory Tribe Theory is a new kind of hostel for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and business travelers seeking to tap into a global community of innovators and creatives. We have locations in Bali, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Yangon, with ambitious plans to open in more locations shortly. Check us out at tribetheory.com or follow us at @tribe.theory. Cross Campus Cross Campus is LA's most engaged coworking and shared office community. Through its 5 locations across Los Angeles, Cross Campus provides entrepreneurs and small businesses like you with great space, great amenities, and the chance to build meaningful relationships. For more information, visit crosscamp.us.

Seminar: The Marriage of Advertising, Creative & Technology

[This event needs a location - open to recommendations. Thanks!] There was a time when writers and art directors were in different departments. Today, this idea seems hard to believe, but before Bill Bernbach, nobody thought of bringing them together into one team. It was the 1950s and advertising was mostly print, and television was on the verge of becoming the most important communication medium. Bernbach’s idea of creating the art director and writer team revolutionized advertising and gave way to more cohesive ad campaigns that shaped consumer culture visually and conceptually. This creative model has remained the same since the 1950s. Unfortunately, media has changed. Drastically. In the new age of digital advertising, it’s time to take another look at the old model of the creative team. As technology plays a bigger role in advertising, teams must adapt their thinking to this new media landscape. An entirely different collection of media touchpoints has replaced the dinosaurs, and technology cannot be ignored in the creative process. How do you manage advertising, creative and technology? More specifically, how do you address the landscape of New Media including startups, app development, websites and digital media? Let's talk about the integration of functional requirement gathering, understanding business objectives, user experience, visual branding and how to tie it all in together to develop a product and/or website.

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