Salesforce Lightning and Integration Techniques!

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Session 1
Rellex is an AppExchange product developed by ABSI that combines project management with release management in Salesforce.

In this session, Tharaka will cover a short overview of the product, and then give a detailed description of the Lightning architecture and techniques behind the product.

Session 2
Salesforce doesn't need to stand-alone and is required to integrate with different systems.

In session 2, Imalka will talk on Queueable APEX, an alternative way to handle external integrations.

Tharaka De Silva - Tharaka has over 7 years of experience in Java, Heroku, Salesforce and 3X Certified Salesforce Developer. He is an expert with lightning platform.

Imalka Hemachandra - Imalka has over 5 years of industry experience in Middleware, Heroku, Salesforce and 4X Certified Salesforce Developer.