Imposter Syndrome: 22 Years and Still Faking It


Robbie Holmes shared how someone with 22 years of experience has always had -- and still fights -- imposter's syndrome. He'll talk about his tips for coping with and overcoming imposter syndrome.

About Robbie:

Robbie has 20+ years of varied experience across all industries, from government (NYS at the Department of Social Services, NYC at the Human Resources Administration and now Department of Veterans Affairs as part of the USDS) to large scale enterprise (Sony Music, Zagat Survey, Google, JnJ, IDT,...) and still experiences imposter syndrome. Hopefully we can dispel the myths around imposter syndrome, and get down to a few of methods for how to combat imposter syndrome from someone that has been battling it for over 2 decades.

Find Robbie online via github @robbiethegeek or at his blog .

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