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This group is divided into 3 groups. There will be meetups between these three groups.

1) Talents - For those with skills & wishes to learn other areas of programming or other field (designing and etc) of specialization. Its also for those wanting to collaborate with others on a single project or multiple project of app development or web development. PS: you need to have a knowledge of at least one thing (html, c++, java, ruby, css, adobe illustrator/photoshop and etc) so you can contribute to the development of the app. If you have no single skills or unrelated skills (marketing, social media, sales, entrepreneurship, and etc) but you have the idea "million" dollar idea then please join the next group.

2) Ideas - For those who have that "million dollar ideas" or make that "billion dollar idea" but have no knowledge of technical skills to contribute and wishes to collaborate the business idea instead. Feel free to suggest your own event to introduce your own business proposal.

3) Investors - For those who have the funding or other kind of contribution (server, office space, equipments and etc). They can be either an Angel investor, Sponsors, Product Supporters/Fans & etc. This group aims to help the business idea move forward and expand bigger into the markets.

TechTeam will be organizing several meet ups. The first meet up will be a social/fun/relaxing activities for "the Talents". This is where skilled people met up with skilled people, during this event we exchange knowledge, ideas, and etc. Each need to bring their own laptop with their own software. (remember this is not a place to do your sales/business pitch). The aim is to learn & to teach. Then once "the talents" is all organized and form into a solid and active group. The TechTeam will invite people with ideas and during this event is where you do your pitching of your ideas. This event is where "the ideas" build up their social/business network as well as they exchange their ideas between one another. The 3rd meet up will then be again with the Talents to go through with all the ideas propose to them by "the ideas". 4th those Talents will meet up with the Ideas if they are interested in the particular project proposed. more detail and brainstorm begins. 5th The work Starts!. 6th part of the work done (with a 100% confidence in making product come true) will be pitch to "the Investors". 7th Investors, Talents and Ideas will meet up to discuss further progress of the project/product. * more meet up will be held after that....

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