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TechUp PA

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Hosted By
Bill C. and John Y.


Invite your friends, network with tech minded community members and enjoy some free pizza.

Our next TechUp meeting will be Tue Feb 19 at 6:00-8:00.

Adrian Pinter will give a talk about his point of sale app, Saucepos ( As proprietor of a Thai restaurant, Adrian wanted to develop a multilingual POS app to support other businesses like his.

Adrian spent 7 years developing his app in C# .NET. During this time he also built a new client-server framework because he wasn't satisfied with existing line of business frameworks. The talk will cover the functional reactive programming and entity JSON patch framework underlying the implementation.

This will be a substantial presentation, so we're giving Adrian at least the first hour to present and allow discussion. As a gentle reminder, we ask everyone to hold off commenting until the presenter asks for comments & questions. This talk will have breakpoints for discussion.

Time allowing afterwards, everyone can give their 5 min update on what they're doing. Let me know if you have any other topics to add to the agenda.

Sponsored by City Software Group and Graphic Hive.
Covation Center
217 W 4th St. · Williamsport, pa
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