Game Club Online: IO Interloper (hosted by Taro)

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS ONLINE-ONLY. To participate, please complete the following steps:

1. Click this link to join our Discord server: - if you do not already have a free Discord account, follow the instructions to create one.

2. Read and follow the instructions in the #mission-control channel. You will need to review and accept our Code of Conduct to gain access to our main community channels.

3. Once you have completed Step 2, you should be able to see the #general-voice channel in the sidebar on the left. Click on this channel to join the online discussion!



Get ready, space cadets, because our next monthly Game Club is starting! Game club is a monthly group discussion on a game chosen by a selected host. For February, Taro selected IO Interloper, a "hacking" puzzle game.

Title: IO Interloper
Genre: Point-and-click Adventure
Developer: DANG! Studio

As usual, this selection is meant to be played before the time of the meeting.

If you'll like to host for a future Game Club event, just sign up in the form below!