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Troy, NY

Joined group

Aug 23, 2018

What is your game development background (if any)?

I am the executive director of Queenship Game Studio, where I principally compose music, do sound design, and write narrative. I also act as business and marketing manager for the studio.

What is your level of interest in utilizing the TVGS co-working studio in Troy?

I actively utilize the co-working space on a near-daily basis.

What types of projects are you interested in working on with other group members?

I'm open to nearly anything!

What skills are you willing to contribute when teaming with others? What types of skills are you looking for in potential collaborators?

Music, writing, social media marketing. Looking to connect with other game devs proficient in any related skills to learn and discuss the wonder of our craft!

What types of game development related activities would interest you as a participant? Would be willing to volunteer to help us coordinate future TVGS events?

Anything involving continuing education related to my activities at Queenship or game jams. I'm always willing to lend my skills if need demands and time allows!