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Technical Writing…. for developers

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Technical Writing…. for developers

The presentation will cover the basics of documentation, showcase the various types of documentation that might be consumed by or requested from developers, and demo various tools for creating documentation. Additionally, some suggestions for creating and styling documentation are provided.

Bio: David Krings

David’s main calling is breaking stuff, complaining about it, and getting paid for that. Aside from his professional destruction habit he has one of the largest collections of can tabs (all from soda cans of course!) and holds the unofficial record of the longest Asian yard long bean ever grown. His other endeavors are sorting paper pictures with frayed edges, actively engaging in passive sports, bragging about the one book he published, and otherwise mastering the immobile arts. His creative outlet is writing verbose To Do lists. You may have heard from David before as he tends to yell “Tooooooor!” across the Capital Region on a frequent basis, especially early on Saturdays.