• Diving into Visual Studio Code with Nathan Westfall

    Tyler Technologies

    Due to Winter Storm Watch for sleet and freezing rain issued by the National Weather Service, this meeting is being pushed back one week. We hope that you can still attend. Visual Studio is great, but when you’re working with small projects or something that isn’t c#, it’s a little overkill. VSCode is a great solution to bridge the gap between notepad++ or another text editor and a full IDE. Supporting windows, mac and linux and have more extensions that you can imagine, it’s impossible to find a work flow it can’t improve. This demo will dive into VSCode in what it can and can’t do along with how you can move some projects from Visual Studio to VSCode while improving your workflow. 6:00 pm - Doors open and refreshments will be served 6:30 pm - Session start, meetup announcements 7:30 pm - Session wrap-up, closing comments The doors to Tyler Technologies will be unlocked from 5:45 pm to 7:05 pm. Presenter Bio: Nathan Westfall, known professionally as Diplomatist Hostile, is a software engineer, rapper and actor. He is known as a member of the East Coast hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. In 2016, Westfall won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, for "I Have No Soul". In 2016, he had a cameo role in Luke Cage which aired on Netflix.

  • Introduction to Flutter

    Tyler Technologies

    We'll take a look at that the Flutter thing. Flutter is Google's new cross-platform development framework for Android and iOS. It promises native apps with high performance and low development. We'll go over what it brings to the table and what's missing. Finally, we'll talk about what does this mean for Xamarin developers. 6:00 pm - Doors open and refreshments will be served 6:30 pm - Session start, meetup announcements 7:30 pm - Session wrap-up, closing comments The doors to Tyler Technologies will be unlocked from 5:45 pm to 7:05 pm. Presenter Chris Miller

  • Getting Started with ML.NET and Windows Machine Learning

    Tyler Technologies

    Description Machine Learning has moved out of the lab and into production systems. Understanding how to work with this technology is one of the essential skills for developers today. In this session, you will learn the basics of machine learning, how to use existing models and services in your apps, and how to get started with creating your own simple models. In other words, if you are a .NET developer, this session is for you! We will cover the basics of ML.NET, a complete machine learning framework to work with C#, F# or any other .NET Core language. 6:00 pm - Doors open and pizza and soda will be served 6:30 pm - Session start, meetup announcements 8:00 pm - Session wrap-up, closing comments In order for us to have the right amount of refreshments, please register if you plan on attending. This session has been moved from the 12/11 to 12/18 due to a scheduling conflict. We apologize for any inconvenience. The doors to Tyler Technologies will be unlocked from 5:45 pm to 7:05 pm. About the speaker: Coming to us remotely from the good city of Burlington (Ontario), Bruno Capuano is Regional Technology Innovation Lead at Avanade Canada and has been a Microsoft MVP for the past 10 years. He is an active Microsoft Technologies Community participant, a writer and a frequent speaker at local and international technology conferences. He also has a parallel life where he likes to hack gadgets, do some tech research or play with fun hardware! You can find him @elbruno (http://www.twitter.com/elbruno) or at http://www.elbruno.com (http://www.elbruno.com/)

  • Introducing Azure DevOps

    Tyler Technologies

    Let’s talk about Azure DevOps! We’ll discuss the new and improved tools that are part of Azure DevOps. You'll learn how to deliver value faster to your users. Any language, platform, and cloud. Connect to GitHub or any other Git provider for CI/CD. Come for the pizza, collect the stickers.

  • Introduction to SQL Server Execution Plans with Kathi Kellenberger

    Have you ever wondered why a T-SQL query that usually runs quickly suddenly slows down to a miserable crawl? Maybe there has been a change to the query, but maybe not. Unlike procedural code – where you tell the computer what to do – querying a database is different. You tell the database engine what you want, and the optimizer must figure out how to do it. Luckily, SQL Server provides a tool called the graphical execution plan to help you see what is going on under the covers. Does your query scan a billion row table to find one row? Does it take advantage of an index but then make thousands of trips to the actual table to grab one column? Attend this session to learn how to use graphical execution plans to understand how to make your queries more efficient. About the presenter: Kathi Kellenberger is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with 20 years of experience with SQL Server as a database administrator, developer, and consultant. She is the editor of Simple-Talk, Redgate’s online technical journal, and a volunteer with LaunchCode. Kathi has written several SQL Server books and created four Pluralsight courses. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and friends, singing, cycling, and climbing the stairs of tall buildings. Meeting schedule: 6:00 PM - Food and beverages, networking 6:30 PM - User group updates 6:35 PM - Presentation by guest speaker About the sponsor: This session is sponsored by RedGate (https://www.red-gate.com/), the leading provider of software for professionals working on the Microsoft data platform. About the location: Tyler Technologies has moved to around the corner and down the street to 11 Cornell Rd (Latham 12077). Please come in through the main doors and there will be signs posted to show where the session will be.

  • Copy, Paste, Bot! How to create a simple Q&A bot with Microsoft's QnA Maker

    We are going to show how to add a FAQ chatbot to your application without writing any code. We'll use Microsoft's QnA Maker to build and train a simple question and answer bot that is powered by Cognitive Services. Through the power of copy and paste, you can create your own chatbot using online FAQ pages or from documents. No code required to power this bot! Presenter Chris Miller Please note: For this session we will be meeting at the TEKsystems office at 15 British American Blvd, Latham 12159. Our usual meeting space is moving to a new location and that location will not be ready for September. The good people at TEKsystems will be our sponsor and host this month.

  • Introduction to the UrhoSharp Gaming Engine

    Tyler Technologies

    This month features an introduction to UrhoSharp, a .NET wrapper for the Urho3D. Urho3d is a light weight 2D and 3D gaming engine. This open source library allows you to create games for multiple platforms. We'll be taking a broad look at the framework, some core concepts, and finally runa few demos. This presentation will be running demos on Xamarin, but UrhoSharp also runs on WPF, URP, and Hololens. Former Chess King () model Chris Miller stops by TVUG for another violation of his restraining order. Chris is the renowned creator of the Brown Note, not to be confused with the THX Deep Note (https://io9.gizmodo.com/thx-just-shared-the-original-sheet-music-for-its-deep-n-1826357817). When not speaking at user groups, Chris enjoys nothing as he is incapable of feeling. His hobbies include making creative pancakes (), highway driving (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcvnFkPzhg8), and performing music (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFK9GXlIXI4). His new book "Self-Loathing: It's Not You, It's Me" will be available soon. As usual, Chris didn't write a bio. Please register if you plan on attending. We use the registration numbers to determine how much pizza to order.

  • Cloud-based Game Development with Unity & Azure (with Containers!)

    Video games continue to evolve. Gamers look for (and expect) games to have online functionality with things like leaderboards, cross-device save games, and new content delivered online, while game developers want to implement these features with minimal effort so they can focus on what matters most: the game itself. In this session, we will dive into adding online features to your new (or existing) Unity games using Azure services, as well as new gaming-focused services offered by PlayFab. It’s dangerous to go alone, so join us! There are few things more annoying to a gamer than trying to play an online multiplayer game where the backend servers are not up to the challenge of handling the onslaught of players, but a game whose multiplayer servers are constantly burning cycles with no one playing is costly and wasteful for the developer. In this session, we will explore one possible solution using Azure Container Instances, Event Grid, and Azure Functions to host a stateful, isolated multiplayer backend that is lightweight, automatically scales on demand, and is billed per second of usage. Using the open source game OpenArena as an example, we will create this scalable service from start to finish, and you will be able to run the OpenArena client on your own device and play against fellow attendees in real time, while the service scales as needed. Nationally ranked ISPA (https://bit.ly/2vWe9aX) player (the Sport of Equals), Brian Peek brings an unreasonable sense of accomplishment (https://bit.ly/2qZxHGq) to TVUG. The author of too many books (https://bit.ly/1tmCIzo) to mention, Brian can often be found providing free tutorials (https://bit.ly/2r0GNCF) at the “Terminal” (https://bit.ly/2Jsilkn) in downtown Schenectady. Look out this summer for Brian’s talk show debut as the host (https://bit.ly/2KdDZKB) of “I have the only set of keys for this studio” on Channel 9 (https://bit.ly/2KfZVEW) . Brian was excited to book many (https://bit.ly/2r4l7oC) special (https://bit.ly/2FhIcch) guests https://bit.ly/2zEUjBt) for his show. This restaurateur (https://bit.ly/2r1pZuo) is a two-time winner of the Allen Ludden Award for Game Show Excellence. Once again Brian has made the mistake of letting someone else do his bio NOTE: This will be the 3rd Tuesday in May due to schedule conflicts.

  • Introduction to Mobile UI Automation Testing with Appium

    Tyler Technologies

    Description: As a developer unit tests are easy. We write logic all the time so writing more logic to test it comes natural. What happens though as a mobile developer when I need to test my UI on actual devices across many form factors? How do you write UI tests? Why write UI tests? Which framework do I need to use? How do I automate my UI tests on physical devices? Appium (http://appium.io/) is an open source test automation framework to use with native, hybrid, and mobile web apps that will work on iOS, Android and Windows. It doesn't matter if you are writing native swift/java or using Xamarin Forms. You can use the same UI automation framework. This month was supposed to be taught by our co-organizer Brian Peek, but he decided a 12 year old kid had more knowledge to fill his role. Please register if you plan on attending so we will have the right amount of pizza & soda. Bio: Nathan Westfall is a software engineer primarily focused on Xamarin development. Nathan has been developing for 6 years, but at the age of 22 has had some unique experiences such as • Was mistaken for being 34 years old by Miguel de Icaza • Has always been able to pause and rewind TV. • Once saw a VHS tape and had to check Wikipedia to see what it was. • Not knowing what it was like to grow up without a personal phone number

  • Introducing MFractor for Visual Studio Mac with Matt Robbins

    If you build Xamarin apps in Visual Studio Mac, and you have never used or heard of MFractor (https://www.mfractor.com/), then you'll want to come to this session. Matt will showcase some of MFractor's most handy features. From code analysis to XAML IntelliSense to image tooling, Matthew will show how to make your Xamarin development life a little bit easier. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions on future of MFractor, give product feedback or just have some banter with Matt! Presenter: Coming to us from Australia, Matthew Robbins is a Xamarin MVP, Microsoft MVP and mobile development expert with extensive experience building iOS apps, Android apps and mobile devops pipelines. Note: To accomodate our presenter's schedule, we will be having our meeting on Thursday night, instead of our customary Tuesday evening. Please RSVP by 3/14 so we can have the right amount of refreshments.