Techie Brekkie #3 Graham Odds // UX design for complex systems

Techie Brekkie Bristol
Techie Brekkie Bristol
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When creating complex systems, such as line-of-business applications or productivity tools, UX Design typically faces a challenge unseen on your common or garden e-commerce project or throwaway mobile app. How can we balance a longer term grand vision against shorter term goals, iteration and budget constraints? How do we keep users productive and comfortable in a system with on-going change? Should UX Design be a meticulous, detail-focussed puppet master or a rough guiding hand? How much user research and testing is too much, and how much is too little? Should technical constraints or stakeholder demands trump user needs and desires?

This round table discussion will explore the tensions around UX Design in the development of complex systems. Bring your questions. Share your experiences. Enjoy some coffee and croissants.

Our expert for this session will be Graham Odds, Innovation Director at Scott Logic -

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Techie Brekkie Bristol is a regular morning tech discussion, held over breakfast and fuelled by Scott Logic