Techie Brekkie #4 // Elizabeth Fiennes - Let's talk about risk // Testers view

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Anyone working in a delivery team has to have a fine appreciation for which risks are acceptable to take and which are not.

Good risks save time, money and effort with minimal impact to product or team.

Bad risks can lead to huge issues with quite unintended consequences.

Unfit requirements, code not working, integrations not in place may be the risks testers may see most frequently but they are not the beginning (nor the end) of risk.

If you don’t have a holistic view of risk, it’s very hard to make upfront decisions on what risks to mitigate, how to mitigate them, what tools to use and how to report on all this in a way their projects understand.

As testers…
Where should we consider looking for ALL the risks? (Is this our role?)
How can we introduce a risk adverse culture into our teams? (What are the advantages of doing this?)
How can we describe risks in a way to convince our team to mitigate them? (Is a fix always the best mitigation?)

The host for this session will be Elizabeth Fiennes, Lead test engineer at Scott Logic - |

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Techie Brekkie Bristol is a regular morning tech discussion, held over breakfast and fuelled by Scott Logic