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A creative, collaborative space for techies to release angst/emotion in the form of paint and VR!

October 1 was the 274th day and Las Vegas was the 273rd mass shooting of the year in 2017. It’s clearly a crazy time to live in. I regard this trend of preventable mass-destruction as a symptom of global rise in emotional debt - individuals feeling alone, and feeling impotent.

According to Yuval Noah Hariri, in his book Sapiens, argues that enabled humankind to proliferate over generations is the power to collaborate.

What if we had a healthy space for a public display of angst? And what if this could be achieved via collaborative art workshops?

I've always loved tech, especially for it's creative, innovative aspect. I am drawn to tech and art, and see both as different ways that creativity manifests - yin and yang. However, working in tech full-time, I often feel that my emotions are repressed, and even my creativity at times. So I have started this meet up, and hope to meet other people like myself who are craving for a creative space to release angst/emotion in a nonviolent way, collaborative art workshops! :)

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EmotiVR at ICA Tech Night!

Institute of Contemporary Art

VR Trip🚬⏰💡

Whisky Saigon

Collaborative Painting For Self-Awareness

North End, Boston

Paint Collaboratively // Release Angst :)

North End, Boston


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