• Tech challenges turned into start-ups

    Cafe Puck

    Who this event is for: curious techies Come together and mingle with startup techies to find out how they solve problems and technical challenges in their day to day work. The hosts of this evening are: 1. Mitakus - food waste reduction Mitakus is using software to predict the demand of meals for cafeterias/canteens. Through this prediction, the operators of those canteens can reduce the amount of purchased and processed food 2. ConfigConnect - easier software configuration By building a central platform for all existing types of configurations, ConfigConnect reduces the effort needed to configure infrastructure and services. Through additional intelligence, users will even get templates, errordetection and more to reduce failures. We'll be happy to share with you our technical solution & vision over an ice cold beer ;) Location: Café Puck Türkenstraße[masked] München https://goo.gl/maps/csvqqBbZMWU2 Reminder: This is a selfpay event, since start-ups are dirt poor :(