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Customize Your World with 3D Printing: Demos & Drinks

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What is 3D Printing? How does 3D printing work? What can I print? What material does 3D printing use? What is the market for 3D printing?

Customization and personalization are some of the ways 3D printing is going to impact and change the world. There's a growing community, from individuals to businesses, exploring the potential of 3D printing which include everyday objects, commercial products, parts used in manufacturing, and the technology for bio-printing of human parts for medical purposes is rapidly evolving.

Tech In Motion ( is excited to host a 3D Printing Demo & Drinks Event! Please join us for this inspiring event to learn about 3D printing and view 3D printing in action! 10 people will get a chance to win a customized 3D printing of their name and $5 drink ticket to our first 80 guests, courtesy of our sponsors Workbridge Associates ( and Jobspring Partners (! Everyone is welcome and don’t forget to bring a friend for a night of drinks, demos, and networking!

Treofab ( is an online marketplace that gives the consumer the ability to personalize and customize a product of their desire, gives the designer the creative tools and promotional outlet for their designs, and the manufacturers the ability to showcase their materials, finishes, speed, and delivery method.

Artec Group ( is a world leader in 3D scanning and 3D face recognition technologies. With offices in Luxembourg, Russia and the United States, the company manufactures and distributes various 3D vision products around the world.

Afinia ( provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience” as the 3D Printer comes fully assembled with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac. The Afinia 3D Printer can prototype a part or model that is up to 5 inches cubed in dimensions with output accurate to within .15mm, and has 30% of the strength of injection molded parts.

UpTech3D ( performs industrial and product design for customers in all industries. UpTech3D also performs 3D printing of prototypes in house for their designs as well as designs from outside customers. With over 15 years in the injection molding industry and 6 years in 3D printing, UpTech3D gets products mass produced.


6:00 - 6:45: Drinks, Networking, and 3D printing & scanning demos

6:45 - 8:15: Speakers: Sedny Attia, Tanner Laverty, and Anna Zevelyov

8:15 - 9:00: 10 winners of personalized 3D printing announced and more networking!!

SEDNY ATTIA, Founder/President & CEO at TreoFab (

Sedny is been obsessed with putting 3D printing in the hands of the masses. The frequent requests for new prints and customized changes made Sedny realized there was a much better way to perform the CAD work and built his own customization tool. The first seed for Treofab was planted. Relying on two decades of engineering experience, and leading large teams of engineers he started building the 3d printing team of the future. Sedny has a strong track record of success in leadership and engineering such as designing the first voice over IP systems at Motorola to most recently running his own chip design firm designing custom chips for the Tesla Model S car.

TANNER LAVERTY, Founder/Strategy & Business Development at TreoFab (

Tanner helped found Treofab when Jon and Sedny approached him to “make a business” out of their technology. He was introduced to them because he has extensive business, finance and leadership experience in many fields, both for profit and non-profit. Evidence of Tanner’s success and reputation were bestowed upon him in 2010, when he was voted one of the “Top 40 under 40” dynamic, up-and-coming business leaders published by the Sacramento Business Journal. Tanner is applying his understanding of these business principles by creating the Treofab business model.

ANNA ZEVELYOV, Director of Business Development at Artec Group (

Anna has degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and the Georg-August University in Germany and has extensive experience in international relations and trade. During her career she was IT Director at a large California non-profit hospital and the COO at an American education outfit in Russia. She started at Artec in 2009 as the Sales Director where she developed the company's world-wide reseller network which is currently comprised of over 100 partners in 45 countries. In 2011, she became the Director of Business Development at Artec and is responsible for overseeing sales, marketing, PR and retail functions in the US.

Parking: There is free parking on the street around SP2 Bar + Restaurant ( after 6pm and there is parking validation machines located in San Pedro Square Market. Please see additional parking information here (

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