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What we’re about

When it comes to work besides your day job, some call it:

  • Gig
  • Remote
  • Sideline
  • 2nd job
  • Moonlighting
  • 1099
  • Zero Hour
  • Freelance
  • Startup

We call it a side hustle. This is Side Hustle Dallas.

Still working a corporate 8 - 5, but side hustling to create a better future? This group is for us that might not be completely independent from an employer yet, but are well on our way to building our empires.

Learn from those moonlighting while still maintaining a W2 day job. You'll likely find that it's about hard work, creativity, and a willingness to do what 95% of others won't do. Side hustle workers often have 2 - 6 other gigs, or creative income sources, while still remote working a day job.

Although purported as a strategy in Chris Guillebeau's 2017 book Side Hustle, the mainstream has just come into the fold over the last three years. This has opened up a world of opportunity to those that run with it.

Side hustles exist and have existed for a long time whether you're participating in it or not. There are those that are quietly doing what it takes to find freedom.

Maybe you're not looking for complete income sovereignty, but just trying to pay off consumer debt quickly, which will free up seed capital to bootstrap your next venture.

Maybe you’re unaware of the side opportunities available, or have not had the courage yet to pull the trigger on those opportunities. We want to emboldened you with case studies and interviews with those that have.

Innovation can be overvalued, when grit, flexibility, courage, hard work, and humility may be what you really need to get where you want to be.

Full-on startup and tech entrepreneurship networks are great, and there are many groups on Meetup centered around those topics.

This Meetup group is centered around technology topics, tools, platforms, and strategies to help those that want to keep their day job, for now.

Keep the day job while simultaneously increasing side income, paying off debts, and discovering alternative investments.