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Tech MKE, formerly Web414, is for anyone interested in learning about existing and bleeding-edge technologies. We are a full-stack development group that consists of engineers, architects and managers in the development community. We promote a variety of topics at our events, ranging from cloud services (AWS, Azure and Google) to DevOps best practices, sustainable development front and back end, different tools and protocols, best practices in developing in .NET or Java, web and mobile development, and so much more. We have presenters ranging from professional speakers to first timers who just want to talk about technology they are passionate about, and we provide members an opportunity learn and teach others who are interested in the same technologies and facing the same challenges.

Monthly Meeting Details:

Monthly Meetings the 3rd Wednesday of the Month from 5:30-7:30
Food is provided and arrives around 5:30.

A 60 minute technical presentation starting at 6:00 PM

Networking and questions from 7 – 7:30

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The Creative Process of Coding

Oak Barrell Public House

Presentation: The Creative Process of Coding The process of writing software is often misunderstood. When you write business software you are not doing science, but rather art. Your job is not to build, but rather to design. Designing good software is about more than writing code. Knowing what code to write requires empathy and good communication skills. But actually writing code in an academic sense requires more than technical skills as well. When you sit down to actually write code, you engage in a fundamentally creative process. In this session, you will learn about the parallels between making art and writing code. You will learn how creating software is like creating art, in terms of the processes and mindset required. You will learn about art techniques and their similarities to programming techniques. You will leave this session a better programmer, having gained a better understanding of the deep, creative work that you do. Speaker: Charlie Sweet Charlie coaches agile teams and manages developers at Baird. He was a software developer for 10 years before that, and has degrees in fine arts and business. He has been endorsed on LinkedIn for nunchucks and humility, neither of which are skills he possesses. Thanks to this months sponsor New Relic. Andy Jaekels from New Relic will be sponsoring appetizers and drinks so come say hi to Andy and feel free to chat with him about any and everything New Relic. He can be reached [masked] linkedin.com/in/andyjaekels. www.newrelic.com

Modernizing .NET Applications with Docker

Needs a location

Please join us April 17th as NVISIA's Nick Schultz presents on Modernizing .NET Applications with Docker. Networking, discussions, and food will start at 5:30, presentation will run from 6PM-7PM with further discussion and networking to follow. Hope to see everyone there. Title: Modernizing .NET Applications with Docker Summary: Almost everyone has seen a monolithic application before. They usually end up being a pain to develop, a pain to deploy and a pain to upgrade to a newer tech stack. At this meetup, we are going to use Docker to take out some of these pain points. We will talk through containerizing an existing .NET Application, how/when to break things out and then the steps to break it apart. • Part 1: What is Docker and Why Would You Use It • Part 2: Docker with Windows and Linux • Part 3: Modernizing a .NET Application with Docker Presenter: Nick Schultz, Project Architect - NVISIA (Accredited Docker Trainer and Consultant)

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Azure API Management

Oak Barrell Public House

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