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White Board Interviewing Practice
at Austin Community College Accelerator
Suppose you have applied for this fabulous job for which you are imminently qualified. The employer calls you in for an on site interview. You show up, wearing your best outfit, you are excited, all you must do is impress these folks, and you are sure you can do the job, get paid, feed the kids.

The manager meets you, shakes your hand, is effusive and supportive. The manager tells you all about the exciting things you'll be doing. You can tell the manager likes you, you feel you have it made.

You are led to a room where the team you will be working with is sitting. There is a white board, a table and chairs, no computers, calculators, books. Its just you, the team and a whiteboard.

You are asked to solve problems you solve everyday using a computer and your favorite programming language. No problem, you've got this since you have been attending White Board Practice Sessions with Thomas Bodine.

You solve all the problems quickly, with panache and alacrity. The team is impressed and you are offered the job on the spot!
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Technical Interview Practice

ACC HLC Accelerator Lab

We will meet and greet one another. Discuss up coming interviews then we'll dive right in. We will solve two problems from "Cracking the Coding Interview" 1.Linked Lists 2. Bit Manipulation

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Technical Interview Practice

Austin Community College: Northridge Campus

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