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TechnoWise is a community of technology enthusiasts who are keen to explore better ways of engineering, testing and delivering software.

The community will share its software knowledge and wisdom through engaging talks, demos and hands-on workshops held on a frequent basis.

If you believe that building great software is a craft which keeps evolving, and as a craftsperson you must keep pace, then you'll love being part of TechnoWise.

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Building a Single Page App with ReactJS

Technogise Private Limited

OVERVIEW: When it comes to building front-end web interfaces, ReactJS has been the tool of choice for many web developers. Since it's release, ReactJS has gained remarkable growth and popularity as a premium way to build rich UI experiences. According to a 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, most developers wanted to work with ReactJS, if they hadn't already. And yet, despite its popularity, React has many finer details newcomers might not know and seasoned veterans may not have yet realised. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WORKSHOP + DEMO: In this hands-on workshop, we will build a React app from scratch. This will help explore the basic concepts of React and understand the ingredients needed to build a strong React application. From there we will move on to concepts like Virtual DOM and Diffing Algorithm and how they help in reducing the rendering time in browsers. Finally we'll be finishing off with a small DEMO of React Hooks and show how we can share stateful logic between components, in a clean and concise way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT POINTS: We won't be using any external libraries for state management such as Redux. Since this is a long session, lunch will be provided at the venue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PRE-REQUISITES: Since this is a HANDS-ON WORKSHOP, participants are requested get a laptop with the bare minimum setup of a React application. Follow this link for installation: https://github.com/facebook/create-react-app ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS SESSION: Anyone who wants to start working on ReactJS. Anyone who is already working on React can takeaway some good insights. Anyone who wants to brush up concepts of ReactJS once more.

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GraphQL - A new way to REST

Technogise Private Limited

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