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Discussion about Technolibertarianism
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kellosaarenranta 2 · Helsinki

What we're about

If you identify as libertarian / classical liberal and share these following views, you might want to consider joining this group:

- You change existing systems with disruption not by protesting. Existing power structures always resist change.

- It’s not likely that you’ll ever gain your freedom by joining, marching, arguing, campaigning for the “right guy” in the next elections, picketing, or complaining — because all those methods rely upon changing the attitudes of others. These methods are inefficient and only work for really small minority.

- Instead, the real opportunity for freedom is to utilize technology to build better structures that replace these existing structures and thanks to things like Internet & Bitcoin, this is only getting easier.

- People are more open towards liberty when they see how it plays out in the real world. Technology is proving to be one of the most powerful forces of decentralization in the history.

- Despite the great opportunities provided by the Information Age and inefficiency of strategies involving changing people's minds, most libertarians still only focus on political campaigning in advancing freedom.

This group is aimed for the more action-oriented, “build, not argue” libertarians who are interested in applying the principles of liberty and sovereignty to their own life.

This group is about:

- New disruptive technologies

- Entrepreneurship

- Personal & professional development

- Staying focused on the future

- Meeting like-minded individuals

This group is not about:

- Endless debating between different libertarian groups (minarchist, voluntaryist, social liberals etc.)

- Politics, political lobbying, forming political parties etc.

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