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This is the group for people interested in the place where technology meets business - the world of Product Management. Product Managers who are interested in approaching their role in a scientific, methodological manner, looking to learn and expand their knowledge continuously.

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Cracking Data Science and AI product secrets with Varada, Anodot, and Viz.ai

***Due to the Corona Situation, the meetup is postponed. We will keep you updated once we have more information. Be Healthy! *** The world is fast evolving, with Artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront, changing the world and the way we live. Data science \AI \ ML are taking bigger parts of today's products but what managing these kinds of products really mean for us, product managers? The upcoming meetup by StarVision will discuss these challenges with leading data science Product managers from Varada, Anodot, and Viz.ai. You will walk away with: - Real lessons (through real-life examples) on how to evaluate data science projects - As product managers, how to initiate and manage a data science project - Understanding of the importance of the data sources when starting a data science project Myths and Realities in Data Science projects By Ori Reshef, VP product @Varada When we consider a data science project, we must start by asking ourselves several questions: Do we really need data science to achieve what we want? Is the value we gain from the project worth it? Can we justify it financially? Ori Reshef will share his experience in Data Science and ROI using real case studies. Product Management in the Machine Learning Era by Amit Levi, VP product @Anodot Managing a Data Science project is very different from managing Linear Development. Amit Levi will share his "5 steps of Data Science Product Management" gained throughout numerous Data Science projects completed by Anodot. Risk Management in Machine Learning Products by Maya Mandel @Viz.ai Data sources are an essential aspect of every AI project. Evaluating and verifying the sources is a major step in creating a successful AI project. Maya Mandel, from Viz.ai, will share her insights from the process Viz.ai takes when initiating such a project. Agenda: 18:30 Gathering and snacks 19:00 Opening words - StarVision 19:05 Lectures by Ori Reshef, Amit Levi and Maya Mandel 20:05 Short break 20:15 Q&A Panel 20:45 Time for more snacks and chats About the speakers: Ori Reshef, VP Product Varada Maya Mandel, VP product Viz.al Maya Mandel is the VP Product at Viz.ai, a leader in applied artificial intelligence in healthcare with the mission to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world. She's passionate about being a part of great teams that build amazing products that make a real impact. Amit Levi, VP product Anodot Amit Levi is VP of product and marketing at Anodot. He is passionate about turning data into insights. Over the past 15 years, he’s been proud to accompany the development of the analytics market. Having held managerial positions in several leading startups, Amit brings vast experience in planning, developing, and shipping large scale data and analytics products to top mobile and web companies. An expert in product and data, his mantra is “Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.”

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