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Parents who homeschool/unschool their teenagers in the DFW local area are welcome to join our meetups. Younger siblings are welcome, but they will need to be supervised closely by the parent or guardian to ensure that the teens have their space. We ask that parents attend the meetup with their teen children ages late eleven/ twelve or (sixth grade age, not just grade level work) to senior in high school. This is NOT a drop off group. The organizer assumes no responsibility for your child. You, as the parent, are responsible for your child at all times.

We are also a group for family support. We want to support your homeschool/unschool journey!

1. We do not discriminate. We accept everyone where they are. We are inclusive.
2. If you find yourself in a conflict that you first seek a resolution, but if this does not work than bring it to the attention of the organizer. Steps to reconciliation: A. Identify the issue. B. Speak to the other parent or guardian to work towards a resolution. C. If all else fails, speak to the organizer. Be aware that the organizer is neutral. The organizer will try to resolve the matter through mediation. This means that there is no confidentiality in accusations. The organizer will present the facts as she has been given them with as much detail as can be expected to resolve the issue in an amicable way. It is best not to bring the organizer into the matter, unless you want to truly resolve the issue.
3. No violence is allowed. No bullying is allowed.

4. Please, keep your commitments. If you RSVP "yes" and cannot make it, change your RSVP to a "no" or comment on the event page when you know you are unable to attend. Three no call no shows within a year time period, and we will have to remove you from the group. We understand that everyone is busy and things come up, but please respect the organizers time and commitment to the group. This new guideline will go into affect on June 21, 2018. We know it is scary to come for the first time, but communication is key.

5. We have had a lot of interest in HEB Area Teen. This is awesome! However, with a lot interest comes inactive members. We are a social group, who meet in person to foster and develop relationships for our teen children. Unfortunately, if a member joins, but doesn't attend they miss out on these important relationships, which is the goal of this group. To curb inactivity and in order to form a cohesive group, we will be moving in another direction. If a person joins the page, but does not participate by attending meet ups, visiting our page to view our calendar, RSVP to meet ups, or participate in our FB group chat, we will be removing members to make room for members who do want to participate. Many people join our group, but forget about it. Sadly, this portrays a much larger group than what we are. Someone who is looking for a smaller group may pass us up due to this false representation. I will take the time to contact all members before removal. If I do not hear back in a couple of days, the person will be removed with the option to rejoin when their time permits a commitment. Again, if you have attended a meet up within the past couple of months, look at our page often, or reply to messages this does not concern you. Do not be alarmed. This will only affect those who joined and haven't participated or came to one event, but didn't come back after many months of complete inactivity.

IMPORTANT: To have your join request accepted, you must add the age of your children in the screening process. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please send me (Heather), a private message stating that you have at least one child in the age range. If you do not add an age, I will private message you to verify that you have a teen. This helps the group, as we organize events for 6th-12th grade age children. As stated above, siblings are welcome. You must answer all security questions, or your request will be declined. Thanks for your help with this in advance. :)

Please, do not join this group if you are NOT the parent/guardian of a middle through high school homeschooler. We cannot accept membership requests from anyone who is not. We are strict on age requirements, although younger siblings are welcome to attend with age appropriate siblings.

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