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I didn't see a group like this on MeetUp, so I decided to create one. This meetup group is for anyone who wants to help their teenage daughter or son grow. I used to be bullied as a child and had confidence issues. I always considered myself a smart kid, but I never had a mentor to help me learn the necessary skills that were going to help me excel later on in life. The powers that were going to help me receive a promotion, influence a crowd or make more of a difference in the community. I was lucky to learn these skills by my mentors after college.

Why couldn't I learn these skills in middle or high school?

I made it my life's work instill the principles of success onto teenage kids and build their confidence so they can have a competitive advantage over their classmates.

Your teenage son or daughter can also join this group. Spread the word to other parents.

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Teenage Speech Ceremony

University Area Community Center

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