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Moving to a new city can be tough - especially for teens who enter school as the "new kid", surrounded by students who have known each other for years. This meetup is for all the "new kids" and their parents!

We get together every few weeks for teen-friendly activities, like going to Giants games, having picnics in Dolores Park, making beach bonfires, going on hikes, visiting museums, watching live music, etc.

Teens and parents who have moved to San Francisco in the past year or two are welcome to join, and ESL teens are also encouraged to join. The only requirement is that everyone should come to events with a friendly, welcoming attitude and be ready to do something fun with other teens and parents new to San Francisco.

Schedules are hectic around the holidays but the plan is to pick things up when we have a critical mass in the New Year, so please join NOW if you're interested!

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