Jenkins TLV Area Meetup #4 - plugins, performance, groovy and more!

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On September 11th we will gather in the beautiful Taboola offices to talk about Jenkins and Continuous Delivery.

No vendor pitches this time around - only pure community-driven Jenkins content from the trenches.

The first 2 talks have already been confirmed! Here they are:


Why does my Jenkins freeze sometimes and what can I do about it?

Tidhar Klein Orbach

After getting frustrated with Jenkins getting slow or even stuck occasionally, I decided to investigate the root cause for that bad performance. In this talk I will show my findings about that issue (hint: GC), how Jenkins performance can be easily improved by tuning the JVM GC and a few exciting tools I've discovered along the way.

Speaker Bio:

Tidhar is a Devops engineer @ Taboola with 6 years of experience in making software development processes easier and faster.

His experience includes mastering Jenkins pipelines, plugins and administration, building with maven and gradle, scripting in groovy, python, bash, Java and selenium automation development, and playing with lots of other tools and technologies.

Tidhar is curious about new tech, improvements and how they can make developers’ life easier.


Jenkins Plugin Discovery

Oren BarAd

When starting Working with Jenkins, the most important thing is understanding how to install and use relevant Plugins. This is true even for those who have used Jenkins for a long time, as plugins are updated, and new plugins are released.The Talk will cover the use of Jenkins from a new Developer perspective - and how to setup a Jenkins server with the relevant plugins for the workflow, how Plugins are discovered, how to add them to Jenkins, and integrating them into the Jenkins CI/CD flow.

Speaker Bio:

Working as a Android developer from 2009, worked in AVG as the mobile Security Team Leader, and Later Architect. Worked as the lead developer on an App that reached over 100M users around the world. Knows a bit of Java and python. Some Groovy - mostly from Gradle point of view. Started working with Jenkins in the last 3 months.


Code First Configuration with Job Dsl And Pipelines

Ivan Nesmeyanov

Lately, I did a lot of progress in jenkins pipelines/job dsl/ auto bootstrap and configuration as a code. (push for change jenkins). I'd like to share my experience with the meetup group.

Speaker Bio:

Ivan is a senior software engineer. Currently serves as a "DevOps" at E8 Storage.


Thanks to Taboola for hosting this meetup.

And - they are hiring: