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Deep Learning Charity Workshop (5 sessions) #Tech4Charity
FOR THE REGISTRATION AND THE OFFICIAL PAGE OF THE EVENT ENTER HERE: Tel Aviv School of AI collaborates with the #Tech4Charity movement which was founded by Ron Weiner. We collaborate with Tamir Nave the founder of AI-BLOG, Gad Benram the founder or AI-ISRAEL and Arthur W.White, an AI researcher. We donate all of the proceeds to this animal shelter. *** THE TICKET THAT YOU CHOOSE REPRESENTS THE AMOUNT OF THE DONATION THAT YOU GIVE *** *** ONE TICKET == ENTRANCE TO ALL OF THE 5 SESSIONS *** *** CAN'T PAY AND STILL WANT TO COME? CONTACT US! WE WILL FIND A SOLUTION TOGETHER :) *** Workshop brief This is the THIRD workshop of its kind, we are so happy to meet new enthusiastic people who want to learn and take part in this program. Lots of buzzwords, lots of unicorns, but we will make it practical and lead you in your first steps to the magical place of data science, specifically, deep learning. We will talk a bit about the theory behind it, but mostly, we will demonstrate the variety of common techniques and usages. You will acquire the fundamental knowledge and tools to implement deep learning architecture by yourself. Try it - it is really not as complicated as it sounds… What: Hands-on workshop of 5 sessions where you will meet and practice the magical world of AI. When: Session #1#[masked], 09:30-14:00 Session #2#[masked], 09:30-14:00 Session #3#[masked], 09:30-14:00 Session #4#[masked], 09:30-14:00 Session #5#[masked], 09:30-14:00 Where: Elevation Academy Offices, Wework Hazerem, Tel Aviv, Israel Who can join us? The workshop is for anyone who has a basic programming background, logic orientation, and an outstanding will to learn. You can be a developer, a team leader, a product manager or anything else with an practical experience with some code (preferably python). In the workshop, we will use python, tensorflow and keras. This is a complex topic, you should work hard and be very focused during those weeks :) What do you need? Attend to all of the sessions! A Working computer Python 3.6 PyCharm / Jupyter notebook

WeWork 10 HaZerem St

7 HaPelech Street · Tel Aviv


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    This group is for anyone who wishes to learn about AI.
    It is open to anyone, from anywhere, with any background, and any goal.
    Whether you are a coding expert who wishes to utilize the power of AI for your applications, an artist that wants to be inspired by AI, or never wrote a line of code and simply want to understand the future implications of AI on your surrounding world - this group is for you.

    This group is part of the School of AI initiative, the Tel Aviv branch of accessible and AI centered education.
    This group FULLY collaborates with #Tech4Charity

    Come to join us on the journey to the future!

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