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People interested in anything Linux related.
With cooporation with Embedded Israel and Embedded TLV, and support and occasional prizes from The PSCG and the Linux Foundation

Honestly, meetup.com said there was interest in such a group, and asked if I want to organize it and I said "OK".

I already know there are several meetups dealing with Cloud Foundary, and my meetup deals with Linux Kernel, Embedded and Operating System Internals, so I suppose this will be used as a join event space.

For the meantime, until I see who joins, the events will be Embedded Israel's ones, and you can join us at https://www.meetup.com/Embedded-Israel .

Unlike other meetups, there is never a shortage of topics/speakers, because I can alone delvier material for the next 5 years if it's once a month...

-Ron Munitz

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