What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in deep learning, machine learning & computer vision. We will be using this forum to hold technical meetups covering both Brodmann17's technology as well as broader scope topics in recent deep-learning, machine learning & computer vision topics.

About Brodmann17:

Brodmann17's patented deep learning technology enables everyday devices to understand their environments in real-time. The use cases are tremendous in scope and enable new areas and platforms, such as augmented reality, robotics, home security, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles, for the first time to deploy real-time high-performance, hardware-agnostic, video analysis at 5% of the computing cost or in turn to produce same detection abilities with low cost, low energy consumption processors. Its algorithms have already been integrated into several commercial products by leading global players.

Past events (4)

CVPR-2019 Killers & NAS

Samsung Next HQ

Deep Learning Research - A Startup Approach

La Gare (DLD 2018)

A-Z Deep Learning based object detection

Samsung Next HQ

5 Short Deep Learning Lessons

Samsung Next HQ

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