What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in deep learning, machine learning & computer vision. We will be using this forum to hold technical meetups covering both Brodmann17's technology as well as broader scope topics in the areas of deep-learning, machine learning & computer vision.

About Brodmann17:

Brodmann17 develops AI that is revolutionizing safety in mobility. The company’s computer-vision-centered technology saves 95% of compute power. This huge saving in cost has brought AI for the very first time to new verticals including mass-market passenger vehicles, video telematics and micro mobility.

Brodmann17’s AI is based on deep learning neural networks that extract all possible information from a video to make the entire ADAS software smarter. Brodmann17’s patented perception software is scalable. It is easy to integrate and deploy as it is hardware agnostic and works on any processor from low-power edge to the cloud.

Brodmann17 is growing fast and has attracted high-profile technology and automotive industry players - it is backed by Silicon Valley, European and Israeli VCs as well as Samsung, Sony, and Xilinx. The company was founded in 2016 by a group of deep learning, computer vision and edge AI experts who wanted to bring uncompromising AI to the edge and everyday applications.

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5 Short Deep Learning Lessons

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