Cross-Platform Meetup - Flutter vs. React-Native


Another great Meetup coming up, this time we'll talk about the hot topic of cross platform development.
Remiding you all we are always looking for great speakers and/or great topics to talk about, so you are welcome to PM us.

Where ?
Wix Offices - Bitan 26, Yosef Yekutieli 4, Tel aviv.



19:00 - Snacks and 🍺
19:30 - Flutter 📱
By: Avi Mastov from Lumen (
On the speaker:
Avi Mastov worked as a mobile developer for 10 years in various startup companies, mostly on native iOS and Android codebases. He watched cross platform environments rise and fall with large skepticism. A few months ago he started working for Lumen and learned Flutter development. Now he thinks that cross platform development does have a future!

We will talk about:
- Introduction to Flutter
- Short history
- What is Dart?
- - the package manager
- Widgets
- Native frameworks
- 3rd party services
- Pros and cons of Flutter vs. native development — real world examples from a real company
- What to consider when choosing between native and cross-platform for your next app

20:15 - React Native 👩‍💻
By: Lev Vidrak from Wix (
On the speaker:
React Native is Facebooks’s cross-platform framework, allowing developers to compose apps using JavaScript in a declarative way.
At we are group of more than 90 mobile developers building the Wix mobile application with React Native from the first commit. Building a scalable application in production, brought us to understand the real cost-benefit of React Native that we would like to share with you.
In this talk, we'll start by reviewing React Native's main concepts and understand it's architecture. Following that, we will cover its great benefits but not forget the challenges and what to expect in the future.

21:00 - 21:30 - Q&A Panel (Wix + Lumen) - 🙋‍♀👥🎤
You will have the platform to raise a questions and get an answers.

Special thanks to Wix for hosting.


See you there,