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Friends-Giving Feast!
Yes, you read that correctly. Friends-Giving Thanksgiving is a time we relish spending with family and giving thanks. While we all enjoy the traditional Thursday dinner filled with distant relatives and mom's homemade mashed potatoes, here are some fabulous reasons to join us for Friendsgiving: 1. You don't have to travel. 2. You don't have to listen to the same stories for the umpteenth time. 3. You don't have to pretend to like your family. 4. Mom won't be there to make sure you eat enough veggies. 5. There will most definitely be booze! We will start with appetizers on the courtyard at 5:30, and sit down for dinner at 7:00. Share your favorite traditional Thanksgiving dish, or get crazy creative! Or if you're feeling a bit kitchen-challenged, bring the booze. Add what you're bringing to the sign up sheet: We'll set up on Friday evening, so if you can help please add that to the sign up sheet also. Don't forget to update the sign up sheet and this RSVP if your schedule changes so we have an accurate count.

Private Residence

To be emailed the day before the event · Temecula, ca