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The Templum Ignis Aeternum is a chartered Witan Shrine and official body of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca.

We are welcoming anyone who hears there call through the feminine and masculine side of the Divinity and they want to embrace it to it's utmost capacity. In our Temple we welcome anyone who wants to learn the ways of the old, as well as, your ancient heritage, The Craft.
Templum Ignis Aeternum, got it's name from one of our most basic Correllian rituals and teaches us about the Eternal Fire that burns with in us.

The Eternal Fire is the connecting link with the Divinity and the Goddess, we have this fire within us, it's been always been there and we need to develop it. By developing our inner fire, we are freeing up our mind and our limits, thus being able to access Her Love, Her Power and Her Strength. No matter what, the Divine Spark is always within us, we can never cut our self off, the Fire can go smaller but never burn out. Our consciousness is going to be expanded or concentrated to the Primal Mobile, the first Monad, the creator of the Cosmos. The Eternal Fire is part of you and everyone and everything around you, because the Divine Flame is everywhere. It has always been within you, but now you know it and you acknowledge it. Thus let's all be part of the evolution towards Divinity and Inflame the Fire within us, so we can serve and help our people around us, the ones in need.

May the Fire within you be always at it's Greatest,

Blessings, by our God and Goddess.

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