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The Atlanta Area Traders Meetup Group welcomes all traders from beginners to advanced.

If you always wanted to know:

Is ten pips per trade are enough to be a successful trader?

What is the difference between Money Management and Pip Management System ?

Then join this group to get the answers and to learn more about forex in our next meeting.

We will discuss:

1, What is Forex ?

2, Why Forex ?

3, Intro to Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

4, Why Mechanical Trading Syatem ?

5, Why 10 Pips ?

6, Intro to our exclusive Pips Management Syatems.

Bring your Lap top to the live meeting and we will provide you two of our complete mechanical trading systems for test run and back testing free of charge.

Sitting places are very limited and for serious traders only. Both beginners and advanced traders are welcomed.


Currency Pair is extremely risky. Chances are You may lose all your capital Investment in a very short time.Our results in the past DO NOT guarantee, assure or reflect on your results on trading in future. You must consult your Investment Advisor before applying any of our methods as we are not your licensed Investment Advisors. This presentation is purely for Educational Purpose only and not meant as an Investment Advice. You will be trading on your own risk.

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Free Online Forex Currency Trading Workshop Breakout / Price Action

These webinars are conducted by persons who have been trading successfully for the last 12+ years, and teaching traders like you for the same 12+ years at different Meetup locations, Local libraries, Kennesaw State University, and Emory University. We will host 137 + Webinars in 2020 (Saturdays 10:00 Am to 12:00 Noon, Mondays & Tuesdays 8:00 Pm to 9:30 Pm) to cover our most successful systems which include Elliott Wave, Price Action, RobinHood & true Currency Strength Meter. We will also cover “How to Use MT4 Platform for Forex’. These systems are designed for Beginners as well as Advanced traders. We use 5 Min, 30 Min & 1 hr charts to accommodate all kinds of trading for 11 different currency pairs during Euro as well as New York Sessions. So, come on and join us to be the Most Successful Trader You Want to be!Please click the following link 10 minutes before the event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7776440608?pwd=UDhZeW9kM3RSUUk4UkRrRjFkQlFGUT09 Passcode 9999 If you want us to download our Proprietary Indicators, Templates & Profiles remotely on your MT4 platform, please go to TenPipsClub.com/Start and provide very basic information. We will contact you to find out the most suitable time to download. To speed up the process, please go to http://www.metatrader4.com and download MT4 platform and NOT MT5 Platform. (No Mac, Tablet, Chrome Book or Cell phone either). You will also receive several free Forex educational e-Books along with additional web addresses to access free Forex educational information. Follow us on Twitter: @KirtiForex and TenPipsFx on Face Book for most recent updates and Daily Trades. Disclaimer: Trading Currency Pair is extremely risky. Chances are YOU may lose all your capital investment in a very short time. Our results in the past DO NOT guarantee, assure or reflect on your results on trading in future. You must consult your Investment Adviser before applying any of our methods as we are not your Licensed Investment Advisers. This presentation is purely for Educational Purpose only and not meant as Investment Advice.You will be trading on your own risk.Distributing our Systems, Indicators, Templates & Profiles are illegal and subject to Copyright Laws and will cancel your Membership with TenPipsClub entirely.

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Online event

Your Membership Benefits – When you join RobinHoodFxClub.com Within the comfort of your home… You will be able to download all Indicators, Templates and Profiles on any window based computer including our most powerful new extended “Heat Map Tool”. You receive 24-hour access to video tutorials, covering all RobinHood Fx Club program material, 1. Introduction, Program Overview, and guidelines for “How to finish Entire Course in one month” 2. How to use MT4 Platform in Forex (Basic as well as Advanced Techniques.) 3. Elliott Wave System 4. Price Action / Breakout System 5. RobinHood System 6. Support and Resistance / Stop Loss and targets / Scalping in Forex 7. Back testing all three systems 8. Heat Map - We have added CHF Pairs lately 9. Pips Management / Money Management 10. Discipline in Forex 11. Can’t make the Webinar? Do not worry. We will archive “Last Saturday’s “and “Last Tuesday’s “webinars for one week for you to watch them at Your convenience. 12. RobinHood Robot update 13. MyFxBook.com update 14. Blog for particularly important messages. 15. Easy access to All Webinars (Including Member’s only special webinars) Printable Tools….Designed to accelerate your trading skill development • Buy and Sell trade entry rules for all 3 Systems (.jpeg files) • Our own Support and Resistance Indicators (4Ps) (.jpeg files). • Heat Map illustrations: Buy and Sell trade example of all 11 Currency Pairs. • Pip Management (Word file) • Discipline in forex (Word file) • Log sheet helper (Word file) • Log sheet for back testing and Daily Journal. (Excel file) As a loyal TenPips club member the lifetime membership is being offered to you with just one low payment of $------!!! (Wait till webinar) So please join us, our zoom webinar this Tuesday 800 pm, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7776440608?pwd=UDhZeW9kM3RSUUk4UkRrRjFkQlFGUT09 Pass code 9999 RobinHood Fx Club Management Team

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