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Christmas party at Bar A
Happy hour with discounted drinks and a free buffet until 7. No cover charge. The band “Holme” comes on at 7:30. I’ll put our logo on a table or 2 in the back room.

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703 16th Ave. · Lake Como

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    Signing up as the 5th or 9th player will generate more people to sign up. If you want to play just RSVP. I will arrange the matches of equal ability.

    • DUES: $2 online fee and $18 when you attend, thats for the year, or $20 in person if you dont have an account. There is a grace period of 60 days to decide. Collection will start in April and run thru April 2018

    • to put this in perspective the cost is about the same as playing at the Atlantic club for 1 hour.

    • Members can bring a guest once at no cost, after which a $5 guest fee per event is charged.

    New Members may attend the outdoor meetups for free (indoor we split the cost) and will have 60 days to ponder signing on.

    Signing up for an indoor match. If you RSVP yes, then show up. If an emergency arises you must call Scott at 973-879-8820. Emailing on the web site is not acceptable due to the lag time in posting. Others are relying on you to show and calling no matter how late gives me time to find a replacement. Our league is tight and reliable we expect new members to be also.

    • Last summer when we needed permits to secure the courts an additional $1.00/per player was required when attending. This year we have increased the dues to cover the those costs.

    Membership also includes access to posting your own matches. Pick a place and time act as the host and you coordinate the event. Contact me or have 3 members RSVP to post an event.

    Our group has 4 divisions.

    BASELINE division... anyone non rated and beginners

    RECREATIONAL division.. open to up 3.0 and up

    FAST RACKETS division...3.5 and up

    MAJOR TOPSPIN division ...4.0 plus

    Our BASELINE will be for players looking to get back into their game. This division requires some basic skills, knowledge of the game and scoring. New members please attend here first and /or call me to discuss your playing level.

    RECREATIONAL 3.0 ... this is open to players that have played before and are able to serve and volley

    FAST RACKETS 3.5 Rated players. These players hit the ball hard, have strong serves and volleys. This division is for players that are rated by the USTA and those I have rated 3.5 and up only. Please check your rated ability. Call me if you have any questions before signing up

    MAJOR TOPSPIN 4.0 PLUS. is for men and women that have played very well before and have been rated between 4.0 and up I plan to make most events singles matches, however, after a set or 2 we could switch to doubles. This division will be a work in progress for the up coming season.

    What group are you?

    Unrated or don't know your rating? Newbies can sign up to play in the BASELINE group any time, but in fairness to our other players, if you are honestly, just starting out or haven't played at a competitive level in some time please avoid coming to an advance session until after you have been assessed.

    I will coordinate matches according to your ability. Matches will be a variety of singles and doubles as well as mixed gender. This will be determined by the player turnout. A new sleeve of balls should be brought each time you play.

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