TF meetup: intro to Julia - TensorFlow probability - Teamleader & ML6

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Dok Noord 3A/101 first floor · Ghent

How to find us

Our entrance (3A/101) is at the rear side of the Dok Noord complex (see map), if you park your car in the parking lot, just follow the Teamleader arrows.

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This meetup will be hosted in collaboration with Teamleader and will take place in Teamleader's offices.

Tim Besard will give an introduction to Julia. Julia is a high-level programming language designed to address the needs of high-performance numerical analysis and computational science. Tim is a PhD student of computer engineering and is an active contributor to the Julia programming language and its ecosystem, and has created the CUDAnative infrastructure for programming CUDA GPUs with Julia.

Next, two ML engineers from ML6 will talk about their experience using two new TensorFlow modules.

Stijn Decubber will discuss TensorFlow probability, a probabilistic programming library that aims to bring the expressive power of Bayesian modelling into the hands of TensorFlow developers.

Finally, Robbe Sneyders will highlight TensorFlow autograph, a utility to automatically convert python code into equivalent TensorFlow graph code.