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This meetup is about tasting good and great tequila and artisanal mezcal, the kind you pour in a glass neat, and sip slowly with friends. It's about sharing and enjoying the unique flavors of this product with old friends and making new ones. It's about exploring the craft and traditions of a generational occupation.

Both tequila and mezcal are agave fermentation products, but tequila is only made in certain regulated areas of Mexico, and with only one kind of agave, whereas mezcal is made in several Mexican states, and can be made with any agave, or even a mixture of agaves, lending it to very unique and different flavors. This meetup will go to various places around town and sample mezcals and tequilas about once a month, usually at a San Diego restaurant or similar venue. We'll also plan on a few special events that are not restaurant based, and maybe even a trip to Mexico to try some.

We also know a place in San Diego that once a month hosts a mezcal or tequila tasting, with the first taste for free, so we'll drop by there on occasion to check that out as well.

We are charging a small fee to join this Meetup group to help defray the cost of hosting it. Meetup says it helps increase the quality of the membership, with more participation from the group - that sounds like a good idea. Plus let's face it, good mezcal and tequila are not cheap, and if you can't afford a few bucks here, well... LOL!

You must be 21 or over to participate in this Meetup, and believe in responsible tastings.

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Mexico in a Bottle - San Diego

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Mezcal Fest, Tahona Bar

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