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MEDIUM READINGS are for those who would like to connect to their loved ones in spirit. In a group setting, Teressa will get validations and messages from your loved ones who have crossed over. She is able to receive physical sensations, emotions (personalities), symbols, pictures, memories, and hear words, phrases and more from spirits. Let Teressa connect your loved ones to you, and show you that there is life after death. Your loved ones are still with you, loving you from the other side.

AURA CLEARING & DRAWINGS are a great way to know what colours you are emitting on a regular basis. Find out what colours you are and what this means! Learn about the cognitive (thinking) area of the aura, the heart space and the lower root area of the aura and what meaning each one has for you. Find out what type of career would suit your natural spiritual personality, based on these colours. Find out who is around your aura in spirit, who is watching over you and what areas of your energy body need clearing. Find out what level of intuitive ability you have from the chakra/energy clearing.

INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT classes are held every Monday evening from 7:30 - 9:30pm at Teressa's residence. Come over and learn how to open up your sixth sense in a safe and nurturing environment. Your sixth sense is comprised of four different senses, based on chakras (energy points) on your body. Each energy point gives you the ability to: know more, see more, hear more and feel more than the information you receive from your five senses. Activating this sixth sense makes life MUCH more rich, fulfilling and stimulating. Let Teressa show you what tools are needed to activate each 'psychic'/sixth sense. Each class involves: handouts, lecture/discussion, guided meditation and practice exercises.

Filtered water, tea and snacks are provided at each meetup.

Please do not wear extra perfume or cologne to this meetup. Thank you.

Teressa looks forward to connecting each of you to a deeper level of spirituality within yourself.

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Hi Teressa, You have been popping in my mind quite a few times recently! Here are a couple of suggestions post move? 1. Individual Aura Clearing, Reading & Drawing followed by a Group Medium Reading 2. or a Group Reading? Namaste :) Kate

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