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This is a community for people who are interested in learning about open source model driven databases built for knowledge graph representation.

TerminusDB is a new type of DBMS - what we call a unified model database. It brings together some of the key advantages of traditional SQL databases (e.g. ACID transactions) with the most desirable features of modern graph, semantic, document and time-series database alternatives. What makes it so different is that TerminusDB uses a single unified model with multiple access modalities rather than the common multi-model offering – a unified model means unified control.

Terminus DB is for you if you want to:

- build high quality data resources with long term value beyond immediate applications

- be able to query your data flexibly and quickly;

- to be able to quickly create and modify web-applications with little or no code

The core development team — and all the other terminators - want to hear from you.

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