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Blackwater Creek Part 3 - Call of Cthulhu RPG 7th Ed
"The fertility cycle is a cycle entirely of living creatures passing again and again through birth, growth, maturity, death, and decay." - Wendell Berry Declan McBride is a that wants a larger share of the illegal alcohol trade in Boston. His main rival has been has been shipping in corn whiskey from somewhere in rural Mass. The whiskey is so good that McBride has decided he wants to take over the operation for himself. He calls you. He wants you to put forward a business offer and back it up with menace if necessary. He needs to look after yourself. But Blackwater Creek holds many secrets.... The crew makes their way to Blackwater Creek. On the way, they meet the local Vet. He suggests avoiding eating the local's meat due to likelihood of infection. As the crew comes into town, they draw the attention of the local lawman who has a chat with the group over whiskey. He pieces out the motives of the team but says if things are done quietly, the law will look the other way. He says the current bootleggers are messy and the town could use someone more.. Professional.. The crew puts up with local friendly farmers, The Jarveys, for the night and during their sleep, the farm is assailed with a cacophony noises as the livestock go wild. Mr. Jarvey does his best to direct the farmlands to contain the chaos but not before the farms Boar, Brutus, breaks out his pen and charges straight for Mr. Jarvey.... But the group managed to save him before he was gored to death. Unfortunately, One of his farmhands appears to have choked to death during the commotion. Some sort of sticky black viscous substance laced his mouth and seemed to come from open sores in his mouth. The next morning, the group scopes out the border fence of the Farm but a swarm of vermin spewed from the stalks of the Carmody's Corn Field. They perched themselves onto the border fence and they just... watched.... Not wanting to push their luck with the Rats, the group figured their chances were better if they talked directly to the Carmody Brothers to suss out the details of taking over the business. After a tense meeting a deal was struck, and now they have been invited inside for a tall drink of Whiskey. Oh, nevermind the muffled screams coming from the basement..... This game session will be 3rd session for this scenario. You will be using Pre Generated Characters with pre-written backstories that will be provided by me. ONLY former custom characters with a background in crime may be used if you used one in a previous session. See me for story details and beats to fill out your backstory. Please arrive early or on time, as we will have a limited time to play. We should be done by 10pm as that is the time the cafe closes the downstairs area. Call of Cthulhu uses a 2 d10 percent based system along with the "basic set" of dice used for RPGs (d20, d10, d8, d6, and d4). I will bring a few extras, along with character sheets, pencils and scrap paper. A heads up as to how I run games. I go for full horror. What that means, is slow moments of tension followed by moments of high terror. A roller coaster, if you will. Humor has its place at the table as long as it is within the game narrative. Please keep outside humor to a minimum as it distracts from the game. I also tend to focus on ROLEplay over ROLLplay. I have run games where dice rolls have been in the single digits. I am also flexible with the rules, which the main hard rule being If you roll equal or lower then your skill, you succeed and if higher, you fail. Everything else is up to me. No Rules Lawyers Please. Also Progression is not prominent in my games and this is because characters tend not to last too long. If your character survives 3 to 4 adventures, they will be a bit improved but your attachment to the character will be more based on the experiences he/she went through. Its about your STORY not your STATS. If none of this seems to be a match for your mentality, I would suggest trying another game, but if you are willing to give this play style a chance, feel free to attend. Any questions or concerns? Feel Free to ask in the comments. (The date is currently tentative, I'll notify if it changes)

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