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The Tesena Meetup is an open forum for all people interested in SW testing who want to share their experience & develop their own professional skills, or just want to have a good time together and find new friends.

You can join us on two different sessions:
• Tesena Testing Breakfast Club - meet up with special guests dedicated to various topics where you will widen your network and kick off your day with other professionals and good coffee;
• Tesena Klikaton - special meet up for those who want to compete their colleagues, friends or strangers in testing of web pages and applications. The Person with the highest number of valid bugs will get a special price.

Come and have fun with us.

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From Manual to Automated Testing for Conversational AI

Online event

Testing is a crucial enabler for the success of chatbots and voice assistants. Doing it manually requires enormous time and effort. As DevOps and AIOps grow in importance, automated testing will remain critical to ensure that bots do what their designers intended. Unlike traditional software where the application follows a predefined flow, a chatbot runs without any restrictions. Talking to a chatbot has no barriers. Combining this with unpredictable user behavior, it becomes of utmost difficulty to verify the correctness of conversational AI. Training data and test sets are infinitely large. In fact, quantity plays a mature role in quality assurance for bots but makes it impossible to test manually. We will tackle the main questions arising: "Why are bots failing", "What and how should you test?" and of course mainly "How can we automate the testing and training". In a hands-on workshop, every attendee will gain experience in automating the first tests for chatbots and learn how to set up a full end-to-end testing pipeline.

For more information visit this web page: https://www.tesena.com/en/from-manual-to-automated-testing-for-conversational-ai

A Beginner's Guide to AI-Driven Testing

Online event

AI has been rapidly changing the way we approach software testing. Traditional test automation is time-consuming to create and breaks down easily in the presence of change. Thankfully, AI is helping testing teams create less procedural, more resilient tests that can self-heal in the presence of modern, rapidly changing, highly dynamic production systems. This sounds great, but you may be asking yourself: How do I get started? What additional skills do I need to learn? What tools are available for me to start using, right now? Join us as we break down different AI techniques and apply them to different testing problems. Discover freely available AI-driven test automation tooling that will help you start building AI-first test automation today without writing a single line of code. Want to tackle the hardest of challenges, and want to learn how to generate new test cases? We will also cover open source tools that can help you build your neural networks for tackling tough testing problems. Let's build and execute real AI-first tests. No prior programming or AI/ML experience is needed!

For more information visit this web page: https://www.tesena.com/en/a-beginners-guide-to-ai-driven-testing

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Quick Introduction to Playwright

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