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It's 2020 and it's time for some changes around here! For a long time, Codewars partnered with our friends from Tesonet on organizing coding meetups in Lithuania. But after a couple of years together, we felt it was only right to give Tesonet a full on ownership on running the show.

So what is TesoMode: Code? It's a community that helps members master coding skills with exciting challenges created by other community members. In a nutshell, you get a task - and then you have to solve it. Tasks, which challenge you to master your craft, vary in length: with the easiest ones taking less than 5 minutes and the most difficult ones taking several hours to complete. You can solve the challenges (katas) in the comfort of your own home, or join other like minded folks in a TesoMode: Code meetup.

Why should you join the TesoMode: Code meetup? Everyone will be solving the same task at the same time in a TesoMode: Code meetup. What are the advantages of this? Well, for starters, you can try pair programming or TDD, where you could get help and mentorship from more experienced peers. You can discuss solutions with other programmers and learn how others approach the same challenge. Improve your coding skills!

Meet interesting new people!
Challenge your problem solving skills!
Various skill levels welcome!
Various programming languages encouraged!
Future job match opportunities !

This meet-up is open to all programmers (balanced for both front-end and back-end programmers) to test your coding and problem solving skills against the skills of your peers. The tasks will vary in difficulty - so, regardless if you are just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran, there will be something to challenge you.

Meet-ups will be held: every first Saturday of every month, from 10:30 am.
Where? Jasinskio g. 16C - 5th floor / Tesonet Headquarters

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Tesonet office, 5th floor

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Tesonet office, 5th floor

30th Codewars LT Meetup

Tesonet office, 5th floor

29th Codewars LT Meetup

Tesonet office, 5th floor

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