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TDD Coding Dojo

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Lars T. and Olve M.


Coding dojo hosted by Olve Maudal

Practice and improve your skills in test driven development while coding together with others.

In this meetup we will be working in groups doing a particular programming exercise (The Yahtzee Kata) using C and/or Ruby as the implementation language. I will give a quick introduction to TDD, deliberate practice and how to get started on this particular exercise. As there will be a flying start into the programming exercise only basic knowledge of the particular programming language is required to participate. The focus of the exercise is to learn more about how to let tests drive the design of a solution.

Bring your laptop. We will be using Jon Jagger's CyberDojo system to run the coding kata which means that you only need wifi and a decent browser to participate, no development environment needs to be installed.

Agenda for the evening:

6:30 - 6:45 Pizza and soft drinks

6:45 - 7:00 Introduction and demo by Olve

7:00 - 9:00 Dojo

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About Olve Maudal

Olve Maudal works for Cisco Systems Norway (TANDBERG was aquired by Cisco in 2010). He loves to write code, but is just as interested in how software is developed as what it actually does. He is currently involved in developing telepresence systems. Previous experience includes developing systems for finding oil (Schlumberger), and developing systems for electronically moving money (BBS). Olve is an active member of the vibrant geek community in Oslo where he is involved in JavaPils, Cantara, XP Meetup, Oslo C++ Users Group, Lean Meetup and a few other things. You can follow him at and

1370 Willow Road, 2nd Floor · Menlo Park, CA
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