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The Test Masters series is created to experience testing in a fun and new way. Play games, use robots, experience new tooling and techniques to make yourself a better tester! During the events we organise you can try out these new tools and techniques and engage in a friendly competition with your peers. The events are a great opportunity to learn more about testing and ‘level up’ your testing craftsmanship. Reach your goal of becoming the Ultimate Test Master!

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Xebia & Continuous Delivery Amsterdam

Xebia Amsterdam

We are co-hosting this meetup with CD Amsterdam: https://www.meetup.com/Continuous-Delivery-Amsterdam/events/258098930/. Agenda: 17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food (incl. vegan) & drinks 18:30 Transitioning to teams being end-to-end responsible for their software 19:30 Break 20:00 Platform as a Product - transforming from service delivery into continuous operations 21:30 Wrapping up Location, food & drinks brought to you by: Xebia Talks: #1 - Anna Shepeleva & Erik Swets - De Bijenkorf & Xebia - Transitioning to teams being end-to-end responsible for their software At De Bijenkorf, we started transitioning our organization to adopt Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) about 1 year ago. With trial and error, we went from having a third-party company monitor and manage our production systems, to teams being end-to-end responsible for the software they write and deploy. In this talk we want to share our learnings from this transition. How did we get our teams to care about what they release? How did we deal with all the inevitable knowledge gaps? And how do you keep up with the rapid evolution of the cloud space? We will share our goals, how we approached this problem, the things that were a success and that failed, and the things we'd like to try moving forward. Bio's: Anna Shepeleva @ de Bijenkorf; Having worked at de Bijenkorf for several years, Anna has had the opportunity to see a small team of 5 developers grow to a powerhouse of 30. Working with an ever evolving team, she has picked up various skills and has been able to overhaul the company's automated testing strategies. From here Anna has seized new challenges within a team now spearheading de Bijenkorf's CI/CD efforts - tasked with migrating current services to Kubernetes. Erik Swets @ Xebia; Throughout his career, Erik has helped companies to deliver software faster and at higher quality. Be it through applying practices like Behaviour Driven Development or Continuous Delivery, by architecting and implementing automated testing solutions or by building deployment automation solutions. With a background in economics, he is able to strike a good balance between business and IT. #2 - Michael Coté - Pivotal - Platform as a Product - transforming from service delivery into continuous operations Most ops groups can’t give developers what they need. Ops is limited by traditional service delivery mindset and tools. Stability & reliability are now table-stakes when you’re releasing software daily. What developers need now from ops is innovation. Operations has rarely takes this innovation-driven, product approach to providing services, & instead focuses on delivering to specification & limiting SLAs. As with development, ops creates value with continuous operations, product managing their platforms and releasing frequently. This talk covers how ops groups are transforming from a service delivery mindset a platform-as-a-product approach. With examples from Discover Financial Services, Rabobank, the US Air Force, & others the talk covers the concept, technologies & tools commonly used, & ops tactics needed to kick-off a platform-as-a-product strategy. Bio: Michael Coté works at Pivotal on the advocate team. He’s been an industry analyst at RedMonk and 451 Research, worked in corporate strategy and M&A at Dell in software and cloud, and was a programmer for a decade before all that. He does several weekly (mostly) tech podcasts, writes a column on Agile & DevOps for The Register, blogs at Cote.io, and is @cote in Twitter.

How Machine Learning is Used In the New Age of QA Automation Tools

Agenda: 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Food (incl. vegan) & drinks 18:30 How Machine Learning is Used In the New Age of QA Automation Tools - Merav Zaks 19:30 Break 20:00 TBA 21:30 Wrapping up "How Machine Learning is Used In the New Age of QA Automation Tools" ML or artificial intelligence (AI) tools are the hottest topics right now in the testing industry. However, QA managers and manual testers have little to no knowledge of it. Thus, our codeless automation expert at TestCraft will go into the aspects of ML functionality and explain the importance of ML in testing and how it is being applied – with real examples, statistics, and applications. The presentation will cover: - Digital transformation - Selenium challenges - Live examples - What is machine learning - How to leverage machine learning - Is it really working? Supported by the statistics behind a successful ml algorithm - End with a Q&A session and survey results For all those planning to attend the event, please fill out our 2-minute survey (https://meravzaks.typeform.com/to/SiGoZX) to help us personalize the presentation for you. Merav Zaks, automation enthusiast at TestCraft Merav is an entrepreneur and a business strategist. She was TestCraft's first hire in order to analyze the software testing market and lead the business strategy accordingly. Since then Merav has managed to build a flourishing QA community with over 16K members and mapped the testing market. She also has become proficient in existing solutions, challenges, and trends while sharing this knowledge with the growing audience.

Testing in Production

Needs a location

Testing on Production, deep backend edition - Mykola Gurov Why do we test on production? Why not avoid this risk at any cost? Thorough testing before merging to master is great, but it doesn’t cover the unknowns. Staging on shared environments tends to be slow, unreliable and costly to support. Why not just learn from the only true environment by conducting safe and efficient experiments? This talk is based on my experience of "shifting to the right" testing within the context of back-end systems of bol.com (one of the biggest online retailers of the Netherlands; logistics and purchasing domains), where correctness is often a bigger concern than performance, and recovery might require a bit more than users hitting the refresh button of their browser. Testing on production is often associated with A/B testing or canary releases, but those aren't always the best - or even applicable - techniques. We will look instead at shadow and dry runs, controlled experiments, survival of the fittest; how to apply these techniques and what to be aware of.

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Needs a location


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