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Test Practitioner's Club - October 2017 Meetup

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Registration and Introductions : 9:30 to 10:00 am.


Topic : Automated Automation of REST APIs
Speaker : Harshit Kohli( Lead SDET), Monotype
We all love Test Automation Frameworks! And we have quite some elaborate ones at our organizations. Sometimes, having a framework in place enforces a lot of “rules” on how to write the code which might become a tedious task. Using some Java libraries, we can automate the whole process of creation of classes that help you in the Automation of a Rest API. By parsing the Swagger documentation and generating Automation code on the fly, we can reduce our Test Automation efforts by a whopping 60-70% !

Topic : TestOps
Speaker : Gaurav Bansal (Director QA), Snapdeal
In this session, I would be sharing my experience about how testing fits into today's DevOps model. Apart from my own experience, I have picked few stories from Amazon, Spotify, Google, and DigitalOcean that highlight how collaborating with Ops on continuous basis affects the overall effectiveness of testing and helps testers understand the business/economic side of the equation.

Topic : Code Insurance/Coverage
Speaker : Nikunj Aggarwal (Sr. SDET), Monotype
It’s common to have your car, travel, house, health and life insured, but did you ever think about insuring your software’s code? As software testers, in order to ensure the robustness of our product, we can get check the Code Coverage from Functional Tests(Manual/Automated). This is a good indicator of how much your automated tests are actually testing out the application under-consideration. So getting the functional code coverage of Bundled App (created in electron) in Vue/Node JS is becoming complex, Let us see how can we calculate this through Istanbul and hook our script to gain the coverage regularly.

Lunch : 1 pm to 2 pm


Topic : Mobile App Test Automation + Setting up an in-house Mobile Testing Lab
Speaker : Roopesh
Agenda for Mobile Test Automation Workshop [150 mins]

Through this presentation cum workshop, I will be presenting what makes mobile application testing different from standard software testing. In the introductory part, I will be covering what is mobile testing, why is mobile testing important, what do you need to know to be a good mobile tester and what is the typical SDLC for mobile Applications. We will explore the different types of mobile applications and how to test for each -like Mobile Web & Native Apps. After doing a basic comparison of features and looking at Google trends for various automation tools, we would jump in for hands-on experience on Appium. [15 mins]

Every participant is encouraged to try to set up and run everything on his/her machine from the GitHub url that we would be sharing before the event, however, to save on time, there will be 3-4 volunteers (Aman, Jaivir and Gaurav) who each would help a group of 6-7 participants to have experiential learning on their laptops. Here is what we are planning to cover for Appium with examples on live apps:

Appium Overview [15 mins]Introduction
Platform Support, Community

Set up & Validation [ 20 mins]Installation Prerequisites
Android & iOS Settings
Walk Through Validation of:
- Android Application Settings
- iOS Application Settings

Before we start actual scripting [30 mins]Locator Strategies
Mobile Desired Capabilities
Objector Inspector
API Overview

Basic Scripting [30]Design and Develop Basic Script
Execute script on Emulator and Real Device
Set up Sauce Labs Trial Account
Execute Scripts on Sauce Labs Cloud Platform

Advanced Scripting [20 mins]Device Interactions and Related APIs
Enhance scripts to support advanced features

Case Study : Snapdeal’s story of creating an in-house mobile testing lab. [15 mins]

Due to constantly changing mobile landscape with new devices coming out every year, it was very challenging to ensure the compatibility of Snapdeal’s Mobile applications across all these form factors. So we set up our own in-house Mobile testing lab where we can initiate testing of our apps across a wide range of devices and device configurations. Detailed test results—including logs, and screenshots—are made available in the consolidated report. The objective is to find out any major issue with new app version by running sanity suite and to ensure the basic functionality of the app is working fine.